About the guys I talk to at school ...???

Here I will post little random stuff about my thoughts about my new friend at school (and some others)! He's an interestring person by the way! People say we are alike, but I just don't see the connection!

Chapter 1

(Dec. 5, 2011)

Okay so, I found out the the girl I thought was his sister ~ is his sister. And it turns out, he says he doesnt use internet....but ik he's hiding something!

I was trying to have a conversation with him (I did!) and I told him how I like Lady GaGa, and then I was like "What do you like...?"

This was weird when he said "Umm.. Henry I like to keep that stuff to myself.."
I told him that I wouldnt hate him for who he liked and he's like "Henry, I dont want to share things with people!"

So? Do you THINK he has a crush on my friend? I've had a crush on her for a long time and he wanted to sit next to her on the bus (I think he did!)

Oh btw, we were on the bus to go back to our school!

Oh and I told him I had Tourettes and he's like "What's that?"
This proves we are NOT alike!?
He said he was a nerd, and I said I was too!
And we were in a music store ~ saw Foster The People album...
"All The Other kids with the pumped up kicks...." (he and I have singing talents in common...) anyways, thats when I told him I liked Lady Gaga (well i dont remember but ik both things happened while we were in the same store!

And he apologized for running....And he admitted what road he lived on, (my other friend asked him...I told her "we were right" and she wanted me to be the one in trouble...I think i bugged her and the friend I like a little too much...idk)

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