Is This The End? .;:HGFanfic:;.

It's my hunger games fanfic! Not much else to say...

Chapter 1


So, the chara thing is still up, but for the first little while its just us with no need to explain anyone else, much.


"Rikki!" My mom yelled. I didn't want to get out of bed. It was the weekend and I had no school. I could go on the boat and row out as far as I wanted, within reason of the Capitol, of course. On the water. Where all I could hear would be the splashing of the water against the wooden hull of my boat. "Rikki!!!" Not my mother yelling at me to get up too early. "Rikki, get your ass out of bed beore I throw you in the ocean!" That got me up and out of bed pretty quickly.

"I'm up! I'm up!" I quickly got dressed and rushed downstairs. I was about to head out with my piece of toast, when mom stopped me.

"Where are you going dressed like that?" Her hair was in curlers, her nicest dress on. I looked down at my old boots and jacket. At my grubby shorts and faded shirt. Then back at her sparkly dress. There weren't many things she got dressed up for. Usually she stayed in the house with the rest of our perfect, rich, blonde family. Nothing except... The Reapings.

"Oh... Sorry," I ran upstairs and slipped on the closest dress I could find, my button up light green on with short sleeves, and a neckline that goes all the way up to my neck. The hemline went to my knees. Unlike my elder sisters, I'm modest about my more private parts. I put my hair in a high ponytail and headed downstairs again. Sure enough, though, my sisters were all down there, blonde hair curls, barely anything on, heavy make up, yet still acceptable by mom. I headed slowly for the door, but all three of them push me to the ground to get their shoes and head out first. 'Ladies first' they would tell me, laughing as they headed out. I shook my head and got up. It may be mean, but sometimes I wish they would get reaped. Then I realize they would die and think otherwise. I headed out and saw my friends. I ran up to them and jumped onto Kurt's back. "Raah!"

"Woah!" He stumbled forward. I got off and grinned at them.

"Hi, guys," I hug all of them. "So, Tyler, Ashleigh, Jeremiah, Jane, Kendall, Kurt, y'all ready to get reaped?

"Don't scare me!" Jane said.

"I don't want to die," Jeremiah said. "It's almost impossible for you. You're rich, you don't need to take a tesserae. While the rest of us do."

"Excuse me?" I laughed. "I though we already had this conversation. I told you I could give you food, if you wanted it. The snobs of my house wouldn't miss it, but no you had to do it the hard way." We reached the square and all seperated. Saying what could be our last good byes. Well, second last, because of the visiting right before whisking us away... But still.

So, the mayor did his bit, then our escort comes on stage. He looks so girly, you could barely tell he was a 'he'. Besides his name; Biff. "Ladie's first," He says, oh god, even his voice sounds girly. I wonder if he's gay. I wonder so hard I don't even notice who he called up. My sister. Olivia Wesley. No, not one of the snobs. My little angel of a sister. Who just turned twelve yesterday. Her hair was like mine and dad's, brown as dirt, smooth as silk. Silky dirt... Wonder what that would be like. Would it be good to grow crops-

"Rikki, focus!" I whispered to myself. "Your little sister is up there. When they ask for volounteers, you-" No. I had to save her now. "I volounteer!" I yell out. Everyone's head turns to me.

"Rikki!" Olivia rushes down to hug my waist. Unlike our father, we were both really short. "No!"

"Ssh, ssh, Olly, stay here. I don't want you to die." Then the peace keepers take her away and 'escort' me onto the stage. By escort, I mean forcefully push me up the stairs.

"So, I'm pretty sure that wasn't allowed until I asked for volounteers, but..." He spun to the container of names. "Onto the boy's," He lightly plucked one from the top. While he had his dramatic pause, I thought about how likely it was for one of my friends to get reaped. The ones with the most in here, are probably Jeremiah and Kurt. Then again, there could be multiple others who put quite a bit in already. "Kurt. Shroud." Kurt! Well, that helps me live longer, I thought in the back of my mind.

My immediate thought, as Biff calls for volounteers, was, we're going to die. My best friend and I are going to die, because a kid our age won't. So, when Biff tells us to shake hands, I don't, I hug him tight, and don't let go until the stupid peace keepers pry us away from each other.

I was given ten seconds to get myself together in that velvet-clad room before my sister and friends attacked mewith multiple versions of 'Don't go, Rikki.' 'We can't live without you, Rikki!' 'Why did you have to do that?' We all had a small pity session before I told them to cheer up, I'll make it, and the peace keepers pryed them from everything they could hold onto.

After a while my grandpa came in. Wise old grandpa Finn. Granny died a while ago. They say it was because she was senile, that she was crazy before she turned old, and the pressure from her games finally got to her. I don't know if that's true. Grandpa never told me otherwise, but this was sort of a touchy topic for us. So whenever granny popped up in a conversation, my grandpa and I would go someplace else. Just the two of us.

"So," He said, putting an arm around me. "You told them you'd be okay?" I nodded. "That you'll make it?" I nodded again. "Do you think so?" He raised an eyebrow at me. I looked down, shaking my head. "Why not? You're descended from two of the greatest winners of my time!" I laughed.

"But, I'm... Me." I said. "I can't wield a special trident thingy. I can't pretend I'm weak but be fierce, because I'm not really fierce in the first place." Then I thought for a moment. "Wait, you'll be coming with us, won't you? You and Coral." He nodded. "So, you can mentor me! Coral can mentor Kurt. I'm sorry for him, but I'd rather my grandpa than a bossy witch my age."


"So, wheres mom?" I knew the answer. I was the only child she didn't mind to die.

"With your sister. Trying to calm her down."

"Hm... Well..."

"Sir, it's time to leave." The peace keepers came in to take him away.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, one second," He reached into his chest pocket and took out a small necklace. It had a tony moon with a wave splashing through it at the end of it. "Here. Your token." I took it and put it in my pocket. There'll be time to put it on later. For now. Time to ride the train to my doom.

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