Just a Dream

Note: I got this plot from a similar story I read on youtube.
BTR guys
Victoria Justice as Tori Addison
Lucy Hale as Alyssa Malone
Taylor Swift as Ally Parker
Nicole Anderson as Hannah Thompson
Ashley Tisdale as Jade
Ariana Grande as Brianna Grande (Kendall's gf five years later)
Ashley Argotta as Megan Argotta (James's gf five years later)
Selena Gomez as Vanessa Gomez (Carlos's gf five years later)
Emily Osment as Sammy Osment (Logan's gf five years later)

Chapter 1

Part 1


What if you had a best friend that you've known your whole life and you were in love with them?
What if it only took just a few years for them to forget about you?
Well, this is the story of how promises were broken, friends are betrayed, hurt, and forgotten.
"Well...how were they forgotten? you say. You said they were best friends and they have known each other their whole lives."
Well, yes I did. But before I explain that, We have to start from the beginning. Five years ago.

~Story~ (five years ago)

The eight friends are camping.

Hannah: burns her marshmallow Damn it! I hate burnt marshmallows! Who wants it?

Carlos: Ohhh!!! I want it!!! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!

Alyssa: laughing Carlos, I think you've had enough sugar.

Carlos: I only had....counts in his head 14 marshmallows! 1 more can't hurt!

Hannah: Ok, here you go. gives him the marshmallow

Carlos: Yayyyy!!!! eats it

James: Damn Carlos, you have a yelling problem.

Carlos: I DO NOT HAVE A...Ok maybe I do...

James: Whatever, I'm going to bed. goes inside his tent WHO STOLE MY SOUR PATCH KIDS????

Carlos: And he says I have a yelling problem.

Hannah: Oh gee...I wonder who did that...

James: Hannah?

Hannah: trying to sound innocent Yes James?

James: Did you steal my sour patch kids?

Hannah: No...I just...took them without your permission.

James: walks out of his tent up to Hannah Give them back.

Hannah: Fine. I didn't want them anyway gives him the bag

James: That's because it's empty!

Hannah: You know sour patch kids are my favorite candy!

James: I'm going back to bed. goes back inside his tent

Hannah: yells back at the tent I took your bag of Skittles to by the way!

James: OH COME ON!!!

Tori: Let's all make a promise.


Tori: No, like a promise to always stay friends. And not let anything seperate us.

Carlos: I promise.

Alyssa: I promise.

Kendall: I promise.

Logan: I promise.

Ally: I promise.

Hannah: I promise.

James: I promise as long as SOMEONE stops stealing MY candy! I'm not gonna mention any names! coughs Hannah! coughs


And everyone kept that promise. Until five years later...

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