Just a Dream

Note: I got this plot from a similar story I read on youtube.
BTR guys
Victoria Justice as Tori Addison
Lucy Hale as Alyssa Malone
Taylor Swift as Ally Parker
Nicole Anderson as Hannah Thompson
Ashley Tisdale as Jade
Ariana Grande as Brianna Grande (Kendall's gf five years later)
Ashley Argotta as Megan Argotta (James's gf five years later)
Selena Gomez as Vanessa Gomez (Carlos's gf five years later)
Emily Osment as Sammy Osment (Logan's gf five years later)

Chapter 11

Part 11 (final chapter)

By the way, i got the idea to make this story from a similar one i read on youtube. :)
so the idea credits and most of the character ideas go to xtoriagracex (the youtube person that made the story) Her story title is Simply Forgotten and there's 50 chapters


"That's it?? you say. But the story can't end like this!! There has to be more!!"

Sadly, That is the end. There is no more.

Vanessa Gomez, Megan Argotta, Sammy Osment, and Kendall Knight all died that day.

Bri ended up in jail for murdering Kendall. James ended up in jail for 5 years because he murdered Megan.
He just got out though. Bri is still in prison.

Ally lives alone. And she refuses to date anymore. She still can't get over Kendall's death. She never will.

Hannah Thompson lived. However, she ended up in a coma for 5 months.
And the bullet injured her spine extremely bad so she can never walk again.
She has to be in a wheelchair the rest of her life.

Carlos and Alyssa are still together. They ended up getting married when they got older.
They are 2 people who had the happy ending. "What about the third?" you ask.
Well, Jade is the third. And the secret about her was that she was as guardian angel.:)
That's why her advice worked. She made sure everyone ended up together.

"But wait. You said 5 people died. You only mentioned 4." you say.

Oh, yes. And...Tori Addison....

"Why do you seem so sad?" you ask. Who ARE you? Who are you that suffered through all this?
Who are you and how do you know everything that happened? Who ARE you???


Well, it's time I tell you exactly who I am.

My name is Logan Mitchell.

And 5 years ago, I watched as the only girl I ever loved died in my arms. </3

</3 THE END </3

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