Just a Dream

Note: I got this plot from a similar story I read on youtube.
BTR guys
Victoria Justice as Tori Addison
Lucy Hale as Alyssa Malone
Taylor Swift as Ally Parker
Nicole Anderson as Hannah Thompson
Ashley Tisdale as Jade
Ariana Grande as Brianna Grande (Kendall's gf five years later)
Ashley Argotta as Megan Argotta (James's gf five years later)
Selena Gomez as Vanessa Gomez (Carlos's gf five years later)
Emily Osment as Sammy Osment (Logan's gf five years later)

Chapter 2

Part 2


"But....they made a promise, you say. How could they just..forget?"

You'll just have to listen to the story. I know what happened.

"But how do you know what happened? Who ARE you?" you ask

You'll just have to wait until the end to find out who I am.

"But why can't you just tell me who you are now? Why must you remain anonymous until the end?" you ask.

Because I just have to. Now I will tell the story.

~Story~ Five years later...

The girls are watching tv.

News Reporter on tv: And here are some pictures of the boys of the hit new band, Big Time Rush at a HollyWood party last night.
And it looks like they're having some romance with their current girlfriends. Now, in an unrelated news story, a dog eats an entire pyramid in Egypt.

Ally: turns off the tv and sighs Well, I hope Kendall is having fun "having romance" with his sl*tty girlfriend. rolls her eyes

Alyssa: I can't believe they just forgot about us. Carlos has no idea how much he means to me...

Tori: They made a promise and it takes them only 5 freakin' years to forget about it!

Hannah: I know right? We were best friends. And now...it's like they were only just a dream. mumbles to herself If only James knew..

Tori: I wish I'd told Logan how I felt. I've known him my whole life. After all these years, I still haven't found the courage.

~That evening~

Hannah and Ally are taking a walk.

Club Owner lady: talking on their cell phone Yes, but I don't know how I'm gonna find someone else in so little time! Hey! Don't you hang up on me Frankie! D-don't hang...and he hung up. sighs

Ally: Hey, what's wrong?

Club O. lady: Oh, hi. I'm just so stressed right now. Our club performer can't make it tonight. She's sick and I can't find anyone else.

Ally: Well...Hannah can do it!

Hannah: What?! Are you nuts?? I'm not gonna do it!

Club O. lady: You get paid $150 an hour.

Hannah: What time do you need me to perform?

~with BTR after a concert~

Kendall: Hey, Logan and Carlos are you coming with me and James to the club tonight?

Carlos: Actually, I'm gonna hang out with Vanessa.

Logan: And I'm hanging out with Sammy.

James: Well, ok. Suit yourself. Hey..guys? Can I ask you a question?
Kendall: Sure what is it?

James: Do any of you ever have the feeling you're...forgetting something important?

Logan: Did you leave you house key at home again?

James: No, it's different this time. I mean...kind of like...you're forgetting something you haven't thought about in a long time.

Kendall: Well now that you mention it, I kind of do have that feeling.

Carlos: Yeah, me to.

Logan: Same here. I just can't quite say what it is though.

Kendall: Well, we're gonna go to the club now see ya.

Logan/Carlos: See ya.

Kendall/James: leaves the building and goes to the club

Carlos: Well, I'm gonna go meet Vanessa now. Bye. leaves

Logan: Ok, babe. They're gone.

Sammy: comes out of hiding Perfect.

~with Tori~

Tori: to herself Damn, it's raining hard. goes under an awning to keep dry

Concert manager: talking on his phone Well, I don't know how we're gonna find a new cleaning lady! hangs up and notices Tori Oh, hello there.

Tori: Hi.

Concert m.: Are you interested in a cleaning job at all?

Tori: No thank you.

Concert m.: You get paid $300.

Tori: Well on second thought...where's the broom?

~with Alyssa~

Alyssa: typing an essay then the wi-fi goes out Damn it. Now I have to type the fvcking essay somewhere else.


So, Alyssa went to a cafe` to type the essay. Little did she know that Carlos was at that same cafe`...

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