Just a Dream

Note: I got this plot from a similar story I read on youtube.
BTR guys
Victoria Justice as Tori Addison
Lucy Hale as Alyssa Malone
Taylor Swift as Ally Parker
Nicole Anderson as Hannah Thompson
Ashley Tisdale as Jade
Ariana Grande as Brianna Grande (Kendall's gf five years later)
Ashley Argotta as Megan Argotta (James's gf five years later)
Selena Gomez as Vanessa Gomez (Carlos's gf five years later)
Emily Osment as Sammy Osment (Logan's gf five years later)

Chapter 3

Part 3


"Are they all gonna meet? Will they be together and have a happily ever after?" you ask.

They will meet. However, only 3 of them will have a happy ending.

"What will happen to the others??" you ask.

Well, 5 will die. 1 will be in a wheelchair the rest of their life. 1 will go to jail, and 1 will just be getting out of jail. And 1 will end up sad and lonely the rest of their life.

"Who will end up with these consequences?" you ask

That answer will be left for the end. Now just listen to the story.

~Story~ at the club..

Club O. lady: Hello everyone. Unfortunately our performer can't make it tonight she's sick. However, we have hired a new one. Enjoy. walks off stage

Hannah: walks on stage Um..h-hi. I'm Hannah Thompson. I'm gonna sing a song called I Don't Miss You At All by Selena Gomez. sings

James: freezes thinking No. It can't be her. out loud No...

Megan: Baby, is something wrong? Maybe I can make you feel better. starts making out with him

James: pulls away Umm...Baby, I'll be right back.

Megan: Nooo. Please stay baby!

James: I'll be right back. It won't take long.

Megan: rolls her eyes Whatever. I don't give a shiit.

James: walks over to Kendall thinking Wow my girlfriend's a biitch. out loud now Kendall?

Kendall: making out with Bri

James: Kendall! KENDALL!

Kendall: pulls away What?!

James: I need to talk to you.

Kendall: Ok. turns to Bri Hey, baby I'll be right back.

Bri: No, you should stay. You know you want to.

Kendall: It will be really quick.

Bri: rolls her eyes Fine. Whatever.

James/Kendall: sit at the bar (note: they will not be drinking alcohol at the bar just soda)

Kendall: So what's up?

James: You know that girl singing right now? That's Hannah Thompson! The girl I've loved my whole life.

Kendall: Ohhhh. That must be what you felt like you were forgetting.

James: Yeah, it was. Do you think if I talk to her...She'll remember me?

Kendall: I don't know maybe. Try it.

James: Ok I will.

Hannah: finishes the last line "I don't miss you" crowd cheers Thank you! walks backstage

James: thinking Please remember me. follows her backstage Hannah?

Hannah: turns around J-James?

Megan: Oh my gosh. I can't believe he just followed that untalented biitch. She is sooo gonna pay.

~with Tori cleaning up~

Tori: walks into a room and screams

Sammy/Logan: immediately stop making out

Tori: Oh my gosh...I did not expect that at all.

Sammy: Well, you're not what we expected either. Who the hell are you anyway?

Tori: looks back and at Logan and Sammy I'm the new cleaning p-person.

Sammy: Ok and stop staring at my boyfriend! What's your name?

Tori: Why the fvck should I tell you my name? It's none of your business to know my name.

Logan: Wait...do I..know you from somewhere? You look familiar.

Tori: Umm...no. We've n-never m-met.

Logan: Are you sure? I have this feeling we've met before.

Tori: Why the hell would you think we've met before?? We obviously haven't. I don't even see who would wanna meet you.
You're just another one of those snobby popstars. thinking Why did I say that?? I'm so stupid!!

Logan: That was sort of rude.

Tori: eyes tear up I think I should just leave.

Logan: Wait I-

Tori: Just forget it! I'm leaving. Goodbye. End of discussion. leaves

Logan: But...thinking I remember you now.

Sammy: Wow she was a biitch. I don't like her.

Logan: I'm gonna go home.

Sammy: Why? We can have some more fun.

Logan: I just..umm..I'm just tired. I'm gonna go. Love you. kisses her cheek

Sammy: Love you to.

Logan: walking to his car mumbles But I love the other girl more.

Tori: walking and crying

???: Hey you! Girl that's crying!

Tori: turns around W-who are you?

???: I'm Jade.

Tori: I'm Tori.

Jade: I know. smiles

Tori: How did you know th-

Jade: So tell me, what's wrong?

Tori: sighs It's a long story.

Jade: I've got time.

Tori: Well...ok. tells her the story

Jade: Wow, that sucks.

Tori: I know right?

Jade: Let me give you some advice. Just be patient. And something good will come out of this.

Tori: How? He doesn't even remember me and-

Jade: Tori, just trust me something good will happen.

Tori: Well, ok. If you say so. looks at watch I should go now. It's getting sort of late.

Jade: Ok, well good night.

Tori: Good night. turns around then turns back Hey, by the way thanks for the... sees that Jade is nowhere to be found Advice.

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