This is NOT LOVE!..... is it? A Harry Potter story yr 1

This is NOT LOVE!..... is it? A Harry Potter story yr 1

hey guys so this is a story im starting. i hope you enjoy and leave comments if u can! im trying to follow the story line and note it wont start being romantic for a while so bare with me!

Name: Francesca Potter
Sibling: Harry Potter (twin)
House: yet to be decided
Appearance: long strait brown hair, blue eyes, average height
Personality: she is very girly and energetic, can always brighten up a situation, unlike harry she is more hot tempered and physical

Chapter 1

lets start at the very begining shall we?

by: chesca
Dumbledore walked along the dimly lit street. He waited patiently for Hagrid to return, praying that they hadn't been to late. Suddenly a cat came out from no where and as it walked towards him it slowley transformed into an old lady. "were we to late professer?" she asked in a scottish accent.
"hagrid should be back soon Minerva" as soon as he said that they heard a roar of a motercycle engine. And turned around to see Hagrid ariving.
"how is the boy" Minerva asked "he’s fine, so is the little girl" Dumbledore and Minerva both looked suprised but both gave a sigh of relief.
"he didnt kill her?" asked Minerva
"don't even look like he touched her! excalimed hagrid brushing his beard from the girls face. Dumbledore took the twins in his arms
"let us be greatfull that they shall have eachother while being raised in this strange world"
"are you sure this is the right thing to do Albus?"
"they are the only family they have now" exclaimed Dumbledore. He placed the twins on the door step of the Dursley family home with a letter explaing it all. "so long Francesca and Harry Potter."

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