December 8th, 2011

I don't know what to say.

Chapter 1

Here goes...

Today I wore black.
Maybe it's a little bit obsessive, but I did. I wore a plain, black, long-sleeved shirt, dark skinny jeans, black boots, and a silver necklace with a single peace sign charm on the end. I was pretty quiet the whole day, and hardly anyone knew why. I will admit the whole day wasn't awful, but it was rough. Even when I was happy, I felt guilty for being happy. :(
I never knew him, but I miss John Lennon. My hero, my muse, my love. 31 years ago, he was killed. I know a lot of people think it was the perfect way for a legend like him to die, and I don't deny that, but I would have rather he died like John himself always wanted. He even said he would rather fade away than burn out, meaning he would rather pass away quietly with his friends and family with the world having forgot about him than the way he did. I wish he could have gotten that.
Anyway, I wrote this poem from his point of veiw a few months back, and I figured now would be a good time to show you guys. I'm really no good at poems, but I hope this does Johnny justice. Thanks for reading such a depressing post. Feel free to comment on the poem or anything, or just say your own goodbyes and well wishes to the Lennon Legend. Take care.

Above Us Only Sky

The quiet Monday night was shadowed
In the background, he blend
How was I to know that crazy man
Was going to be my end?

I try to flee, but I feel the bullets
Their wounds will never clot
I run until I can run no more
And scream out, “I’ve been shot!”

I hit the ground, icy and cold
My bloody locks will never dry
I’ve accepted with a heavy heart
It's now my time to die

Moments later, the policemen arrive
Maybe they can save me?
The bend over, examine me closely
Their eyes scream of worry

The officer asks, “Aren’t you John Lennon?”
“Yes, I am,” I answer, though it hurts
He nods his head and turns away
These are my final words

The doctors are giving it their all
Trying to save what's left of my life
But they can’t, to their shame and sorrow
And must tell to my wife

She is sobbing loudly now
Oh Yoko, please don’t cry
You know we’ll meet again someday
So please don’t say goodbye

Someone tell Sean I love him
And I’m sorry I can’t tuck him tonight
Ask him to pet the kitty cats for me
And let him know it’ll be alright

Lest I forget my first born
I’m sorry dear sweet Julian
Let Paulie’s ballad lull you to sleep
And we can someday start again

To the mother of my other child
Cynthia, I’m sorry too
Remember that Johnny lied over the ocean
But he never forgot about you

And Ringo, lad, I love you too
You’re the greatest bloke I’ve ever met
You’ll be ok, my Billy Shears
On that I’m willing to bet

Same goes to you, Harrison
I hope you can forgive me for before
George, love, I’m sorry we never made up
But I’m not angry anymore

And to dear, sweet Paul
What else can I say?
I don’t want to fight anymore
Are you and I ok?
I hope you hear me, wherever you are
You were my first ever brother
And despite the things we said before
I’ll never want any other

I still love my fans, one and all
From the folks since ‘62
To the younger generation
Those kids I never knew

I don’t feel anything anymore
My heart no longer hurts
You know I’m free, and soon I’ll be
Across the Universe

Please don’t hate Mr. Chapman
The man is sick in the head
Don’t hurt him as he’s hurt you and me
Please, reach for love instead

It’s ok now, all
Above you, I’m the sky
I’m with Eppy, Mal, Julia, and Stu
And all of us say hi

And so it’s with a fond farewell
I say thank you and goodbye
Ignore what I have said before
The dream will never die

Don’t call me a king, don’t call me God
Because I’m dead and gone
Just continue rattlin’ your jewelry
And keep on keepin’ on


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