Depression. Is. Serious.

I've had this written in my notebook for a while. I wrote this when my mother was very depressed and always sad. So, I hope this clicks somewhere in your brain, and I hope it helps those of us who are suffering from Depression.
Thank you for reading, it means a lot.

Chapter 1

Depression strikes all over the world.

Depression is serious. You must take it serious. I didn't. I continued to let my mother go about her days sad and always locked away. And you know where that got me? In the hospital, beside my mother's bed. She had tried to commit suicide. But this isn't about me, it's about everyone out there that is suffering, or know someone who is suffering, from Depression. Depression hurts, I know. I've been depressed badly. But you have to think positive, you have to remember that there is someone out there that loves you, you have friends on Quibblo, you have family, friends in real life. And none of us, not me, or the any of your friends on Quibblo, want you to be sucked in, killed by depression. It's strong, yes. But you HAVE to fight it.

Depression is so serious, it usually leads to suicide, cutting, etc...
If someone you know is depressed. Talk to them, let them know you care. Because it hurts, and you think that no one cares about you. Then you start feeling like no one would care if you then you leave. I want you, everyone reading this, everyone on Quibblo, on the internet, in this country, in this WORLD to know that we would miss you. Depression happens, and you let it happen. Don't. Keep strong. Keep fighting. Believe. We love you, you are loved. We care. We do.

I know what depression feels like. My whole family knows. My sister, my brother, my father, grandmother, Its alright. And if you ever need to talk, you can always message me, or your friends. There are several people on here that know what your going through. Your not alone, you'll never be alone. And you'll fight this, like I did. You'll win, and depression will LOSE.
Dearest Quibblonian, remember that there will always be someone here to help.
Thank you, and keep strong. Life is worth it. <3


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