Ride on, my love (Read intro)

This is a super sad, super short love story. I came up with this one morning when I was thinking about....someone. Here it is, and be nice and comment. Because I love comments!

Chapter 1

Ride on, my love.

James Piper and Poppy Mathews rode down the road really fast on James' brand new Motorcycle. It was a beautiful motorcycle, a shiny red with bright orange flames on each side. The seats were padded and comfortable, and the best motorcycle James had rode on. Poppy's long curly black hair flew wildly around her, as she held tightly onto James' waist. Poppy was a beautiful girl of seventeen. She had glowing blue eyes and beautiful hair that every girl was jealous of. James, was handsome with red messy hair and hazel eyes that sparkled in moon light. He rode the motorcycle well. Fast and skillful down the dirt road that led to his house. It was still a good eight miles on down though.

Poppy wasn't enjoying the ride, though. In her opinion, this was dangerous and silly. She had only agreed to make him happy.
"Slow down!" she shouted into his ear. "We're going way too fast, James!"
He smiled his cocky smile and said "I know what I'm doing, babe. Besides, your enjoying this, right?"
Poppy knew she had to tell the truth, even if it meant him getting angry over it.
"No, I'm not! Slow down!" she pleaded. James furrowed his brow. Why was it that Poppy was so excited at the beginning, and now was so angry at him? He thought about this. Then, he noticed something.And his heart turned to mush.
"Tell me you love me!" he shouted back at her. Poppy rolled her eyes.
"I love you, James! Now slow down!"
"Hug me!" he requested. Poppy glared at him, wondering what he was up too. She hugged him, and then leaned back. "Now slow down!"
"Take my helmet off of me and wear it, it's bugging me!" he said.
"I can't. You need to wear that!" Poppy shouted back. "I don't need it!"
"Just do it, Poppy!" he commanded. She did as he said, and put the helmet on herself. Now, this was all very strange now. What could possess him to act as such? She put her arms around him, hugging him tight. His heart was beating, he was sweating...how could be be such an idiot and take the woman he loved, around on this...death trap?

The next day, in the local papers, there was a motorcycle crash just on Dirt creek Rd. Two people were involved, but only one lived. It was Poppy and James. James knew that the brakes had broke on the bike. So, to protect Poppy, he told her to put the helmet on herself. He then hugged her one last time, and heard her say 'I love you' one last time. Poppy survived, and lived on her days thinking about James. And what could have been. James saved Poppy, and that is True Love right there.

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