The Girl With The Magical Golden Eyes (Michael Jackson Love Story)

The Girl With The Magical Golden Eyes (Michael Jackson Love Story)

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Chapter 1

You Are Magical

As many of you should know, magic has been practiced since the beginning of time. It is real and should be taken seriously. For using the wrong spell can be dangerous. But with every light magic there is darkness that tries to consume it.
Dark magic slowly consumed every speck of light magic, turning the world dark and gray. It consumed every sliver of hope. All but one. The most powerful.
Anastasia was the worlds last hope. If the darkness found her and destroyed her, the world would be encased in darkness and evil would finally prevail over the good.
Unable to control the growing magic inside her, Anastasia took off in search of someone who could help so that one day she might battle the darkness and destroy all evil for good. But on her way she was met by one of the most powerful bringers of dark magic.

Anastasia ran through the woods, picking up her long white dress. Briars tore the fabric leaving behind a trail of torn clothing.
She looked behind her only seeing trees and shrubs. Her blue eyes darting around waiting for something to move. She knew he was out there, waiting the opportune moment to strike.
She turned back to the direction where she was running, when she saw him.
She screamed and ran in the opposite direction.
"Stop!" he commanded.
Her body stopped, but Anastasia didn't want to. She struggled against his powerful hold on her.
"I have been looking everywhere for you, Anastasia. And I have been looking for a long long time. Why have you kept me waiting so long?" he asked whispering in her ear moving a strand of hair from her face.
"Anastasia." he said her name as if thinking on it. "Do you know what your name means?" he looked at her but Anastasia kept her mouth shut.
Her blue eyes focused away from him.
"No idea?" he asked. "Your name means 'one who shall rise again'."
Suddenly he threw his head back and laughed.
"Trust me, you will not rise again. Especially since I have you now."
"You are going to take everything I have too." Anastasia said matter of factly.
"Oh but of course, darling." he trailed her cheek with his index finger. "You have the most powerful and pure magic. Can't have you using that against me." he touched her nose and winked.
"Afraid I might beat you?" she asked.
He laughed.
"Goodness no. You can't even control the powerful magic you possess. That tells me that you are not worthy to possess it at all." he put a red rose behind her ear.
He took a few steps back. Anastasia closed her eyes in fear.
I dont want to die. She thought.
The man held his hands out towards her, beckoning the magic within her to come out.
Anastasia's body glowed with a beautiful golden light. It drew away from her body weakening her.
She could feel the magic pooling out of her like too much blood being drawn.
The man smiled with greed as he walked towards the ball of golden light.
As soon as he touched it, the ball of magic exploded back into Anastasia. She screamed as the magic shot all throughout her body. She tilted her head back, her back arched inward and her hands spread apart. Golden light shone from her eyes.
The light became so bright it blinded the sorcerer.
He screamed as the golden light surrounded him. His screams echoed into silence as he dissapated into nothing.
The magic surrounded Anastasia as she collapsed. It encased her in a beautiful glass case.

Over time dirt covered the case she was in. The magic keeping her alive but unable to wake her up. The only magic that could awaken her was true loves first kiss.

Authors note: I hoped you liked it!

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