Living in the Animagus Inn (another Sirius Black love story)

Living in the Animagus Inn (another Sirius Black love story)

Chapter 1

Backround info

I sat outside the Animagus Inn. The Barman and owner sat down on the chair and smiled at me, His name was Rigel.
"You know Midna I can't help but think of your father, he was like a brother to me and when you came along I was pleased to be your godfather, It was sad when him and your mother died, At least he got to help you become like us, this pub has been a fresh start for me and you and me, naming it after the gift we all had was abrillant idea Mid, and you transforming into your animagus form was a great idea for sign as well. Your parents would be proud of the girl you've become and you start Hogwarts soon" He smiled stroking me as I was sat outside in the form of a Black Labrador. The pub's sign hung above me showing a Brown haired girl turning into a black Labrador. The Labrador was Midna, Midna was a nickname given for my animagus form as I was jet black as dark as midnight plus I love playing Zelda the twilight princess, a muggle Wii game I was fond of. I barked in response as we both looked at the sign. He got up and headed indoors to serve his customers.

I had lived here since I was 9 yerars old. My parents and godfather had guided me through becoming an animagus (illegally) at a very young age, I was 4 when we started, young I know but it takes 5 years to master. My parents were animagi too as well as my godfather. Mum was a Fox, her animagi name was Vixen (She was also a very flirty women till she started dating dad), Dad was a Common Pipstrelle Bat (a British bat) whose nickname was Sonar based on the way a bat sees and my godfather who owns the pub and who was talking to me a second ago was an Ocelot a type of wild cat nicknamed Spots not really creative but oh well. They were best friends from their very first year at Hogwarts, A trio of trouble makers and the smartest in there year. They became animagi so they could sneak around Hogwarts at night. When they left Hogwarts mum and dad got married and mum fell pregnant with me. When I was born Rigel became my godfather. At 4 years of age they decided I could become an animagus of my choice. I chose a black Labrador as they were my favorite animal and still are. On my 9th birthday I had finally mastered it. Unfortunately my parents were killed a few weeks later while playing for the English quidditch team as beaters. England won but the other team claimed the England team had cheated and went on a riot. My parents were hit by some spells and later died in Hospital. Being my godfather Rigel got custody of me and he bought a pub for us to live in and run. He always wanted to own his own pub we named it the Animagus inn after the fact that all of us were animagi, and the girl that was put on the sign is me transforming into my animagus form. But at the side of me you can see the image of a fox and in the sky just above us a image of a bat, theses images were faded to look like ghosts, my parents.

A.N. sorry it's short but it was just a little bit of background.

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