This is a song...well, poem/song. I came up with these... blushing madly when I was in the.......bathroom. Er...so, yeah. Hehe..hope you rate, fav, comment........everything that will make me happy because ma peeps live to keep ma happy!
Just kidding, only of course!

Chapter 1


Oomp Oomp Oomp {HAD TO ADD THAT. You know...er...the beat.}
I can tie my shoes
I can braid my OWN hair
I can run a million miles around my house
I don't care
I can even split the atom of a molecule
I can keep my cool while in school
I can ride an elephant to Spain
I can jump 15,000 feet from a plane
I can race a race horse, even when its super fast
I can go faster than light
Don't even ask how
I can watch TV while Txting to my mommy
I can eat a million steaks
I can chop a million sticks in half in a second
I can sip from the hottest of teas
I can ride a bike with a blindfold on
I can hold my breath for hours in
I can say my ABC's Oh it's just begin-ning
I can jump rope 500 jumps per minute
Yeah, that's me
I can count to a million and three
That's just I
I can bake a billion cupcakes in an hour
I can spin around, for weeks, and hours
I can hold my breath under water for weeks
I can jump around, without any knees
I can hold a tune, while in the shower
I can paint my room within an hour
But, don't fret lovely readers of mine
I'm sure..oh, sure there is something we have..in, er, common
Oh wait, oh yes. I'm sure you cannot do this, as neither can I
The most hardest thing to do, you cannot deny
I've tried, I've pleaded for some kind of hope
For now, I just use scope
But readers, oh singers, and fans of mine
I can't do the one thing, that we all can't do
The impossible, I say! It's madness, by the way
I cannot....

...................................................brush my teeth.........................


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