Dear "Non-comformist emo kids".

A little rant I did, don't mean to offend, don't comment if you're a hater. Trolls welcome, though. Trolls are always welcome.

Chapter 1


The term "emo" means emotionally UNSTABLE.

CRYING once in a while does NOT make you unstable.
Going to bed at 11 o'clock does NOT make you an insomniac.
Feeling neglected once in a while does NOT make you a depression patient.
Having a violent thought or two does NOT make you schitzophrenic.
Having a mood swing does NOT make you bipolar.
Cutting does NOT make you cool.
Saying you're depressed does NOT get you sympathy.

Emo is a style of music. Did you know that? It comes from punk, pop, rock, and emo-core, quite usually; and this is coming from someone who is QUITE strict about music terms, so I'm putting this bluntly.
When talking about a person, emo is referring to being emotionally unstable.

The difference between "scene" and "emo".
EMO: A genre of music, or, an emotionally unstable person.
SCENE: (google definition) The early first decade of the 21st century (2000–2003) still had some 1990s fashion trends until it slowly became less grungy and more excessive as the wearing of flannel by people under 30 declines and acid-washed jeans and shaggy hair become again commonplace for boys and men.

Um...okay! And I AM aware of the modern adaptions of the two, but if you're gonna be "non-comformist" and "individual", the least you can do is try.

Rolling out of bed and spraying your hair so stiff it looks like a shítty lions mane crossed with a birds nest does NOT equal scene hair.
Mascara and eyeliner do NOT equal a statement.
Getting blonde tips does NOT equal individuality.

So I'm asking you, if you are TRULY trying to "make a statement", be different and unique, you have to stop doing the same thing!

I think that certain styles of scene can actually be insanely cool- bright colored or dip dyed hair, lip piercings, knee high converse- that shít rocks.

And most "emo boys" are quite hot. (Alex Evans, helloooo?!)

BUT I'm just giving my opinion; that word? It does not mean what you think it means.

Liking heavy metal does NOT make you emo.
You all say you hate labels? STOP LABELLING YOURSELVES!!
Stop saying, "Oh yeah, I'm emo," or, "I'm so scene," And then later saying you hate labels. PICK A SIDE, PEOPLE!!!

Soo...sorry. I probably just píssed off half of you. I have no problem with individuality, I like to think that I'm an individual, too. But I do NOT label.

So how about we all form an alliance to stop the labelling?

No hate comments telling me I "wouldn't understand", please. I hate those.

Anyway...yeah. I wrote this at three in the morning. Goodnight, interwebs, I apologize for my raging. :)


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