One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

So here it is, my new story :) It's a little slow at first but it does get better, trust me. I've been writing it to be more like an actual book story. There will be drama and slow parts so just go with it, ha. I would really like my readers opinions so please comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy ;)

Chapter 4

Sure I'll have another spiked punch, what's the worst that can happen?

After school I drove home feeling tired. I'm still angry about what happened in history class. Oh well. It's not like I got an after school detention or anything. Mr. Goodman gave me extra homework on purpose, thought he could ruin my night, ha! I'm just going to blow it off, it's not a big deal if I fail history, I'm doing great in every other class. When I got home the second I stepped out of my car, my neighbors huge yellow lab Otis came running full speed at me.

He jumps up and starts licking my neck. "Otis!" I yell and try to shove him off. He's covered in mud, so now my jeans and t-shirt are covered in pawprints. I have to change for the party anyways. After a struggle I manage to pry him off by throwing a stick. He ran after it so I sprinted for my front porch, got inside and slammed the door. Mom is at work and Benji is still at school so I have the house to myself. I kick off my shoes, grab a bag of chips, and flop down on the couch. I turned on the tv and surfed through the channels until I got to MTV. True Life was on, an episode about whether or not summers romances will last. How discouraging. After the episode ended I fell asleep.

Next thing I know mom and Benji come through the front door complaining about Otis. Jersey Shore was on the tv now. Eww. I sat up and changed the channel. "How was your day Chloe?" Mom asked from the kitchen. Benji jumped on the couch and turned on his Xbox. "Mr. Goodman sent me to detention before lunch." I said and wandered into the kitchen with her. She was unloading groceries so I helped. "Oh thats not good, what happened?" she asked, concerned. "I wasn't listening to him, he got pissed, then sent me to detention." I said with a shrug. "I've had a lot of meetings with him, I can understand why you weren't listening to him." Mom said. I laughed.

After the groceries were put away I went upstairs and searched through my closet for something to wear to the party. Alyssa texted me and said that she would pick me up around nine. I decided to go with a black baby doll tshirt, and a short jean skirt, complete with black heels. My skirt wasn't anywhere near as short as the ones Holly usually wore, but still showed a decent amount of leg. I did my hair and makeup and a little after nine Alyssa pulled up in her car and beeped. Before I left mom stopped me. "Chloe, please promise me that if you or Alyssa drinks any alcohol you won't drive." Mom said while hugging me. "I promise mom, and you don't have to worry, Courtney's parties aren't usually that wild." I assured her. She shrugged. "Call me for whatever!" She called as I got into Alyssa's car.

Inside the car Katy Perry was blaring. Alyssa is obsessed with Katy Perry. Not knocking pop, but I'm more of a rock fan myself. She appraised my outfit and gave me a thumbs up. While we drove Scott texted to tell me to have fun and that he loved me. Aww. At Courtney's the party was already in full swing. Tons of people and music blaring. Courtney was at the front door handing out designated driver bracelets. "Hey girls, glad you could come." Courtney said. Alyssa grabbed a bracelet and followed me inside. "You're not drinking?" I asked her over the music. "No, I have to babysit my cousins in the morning, I really don't need a hangover." She explained. I'm not a big drinker but Courtney always has the best punch, spiked of course.

I grabbed a cup of it and walked through the crowd talking and dancing with different friends. "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to Trevor for awhile." Alyssa said. Trevor was her latest crush. Her crushes never really last longer then a week or two. "Have fun." I said with a wink. She rolled her eyes and walked over to him. I watched them talk briefly before going for another cup of punch. I was almost done with my third before I decided to stop, who likes hangovers anyway? "Hi Chloe, having fun?" Megan asked. I knew Megan because she was Alyssa's neighbor and she has math with me. "Having a pretty good time, you?" I asked feeling my buzz from the punch kicking in. She grinned and held up her own cup of punch. "Oh yeah." She replied.

We talked for a bit before her friends started yelling for from the stairs. "Be right there!" She called back. "Oh my gosh Chloe I totally forgot to ask, do you want to play a game with me and my friends? Megan asked, voice slightly slurred. "Well I don't know-" "Come on, please?" She interupted. I glanced around for Alyssa finding her on a couch laughing with Trevor. I decided to go with Megan and her friends. We went upstairs to a less crowded room with a big screen tv and a large cushioned couch. The music wasn't as loud up here and a lot of the people were chilling in different bedrooms doing who knows what. Wink wink.

We sat down on the couch and floor. "So whats the game?" I asked. "We're going to play 7 minutes in heaven." A girl named Jane said. I got the impression that Jane was the leader of their group. "Oh...Well I have a boyfriend so I'm out." I said frowning. "Please play Chloe!" Megan begged. "I can't, like I said, boyfriend." I continued. Megan sighed. "Tell me uh, Chloe, is your boyfriend here?" Jane asked, talking to me for the first time. "No.." I said slowly. "You like to have fun right?" She asked, smiling a little. "Of course, but-" "Then what could playing possibly hurt?" I pursed my lips considering. Maybe it was the buzz I had, or something else but it didn't seem like such a bad idea to play.

Jane had already sent Megan and some dude to the last empty bedroom. Someone would knock on the door when time was up. "So thats it then, you're playing." Jane said like it was final. "Um..If I play, I don't have to uh, kiss anyone do I?" I asked. How naive is that? Ha. "What? Oh yeah sure, do whatever you want." Jane said. If I hadn't been buzzed I would have noticed the sarcasm in her voice. But I didn't. I was still thinking it over when Jane got up and looked out the door down the hallway. "Hmm...Oh hey! Hey Aaron come here for a second, I need you!" She called. Silence. "Please?" She called again after getting no response. The second this Aaron guy came into the room I had the impulse to stand up and straighten my shirt. He was gorgeous, plain and simple. He had Platinum blonde hair that went a little past his ears, perfect nose, and dark eyes that looked black from where I was standing. He was wearing a long sleeved gray shirt and dark blue jeans. His hands were in his pockets as he looked around the room.

"Would you mind doing me a little favor?" Jane asked him. He gave her an annoyed look. "Please?" She asked while tilting her head to the side. Looked like a flirty thing, I don't know. "What do you want me to do?" He asked unkindly. "Well we happen to be playing 7 minutes and I need a handsome guy for my friend over there." She said and gestured to me. He glanced at me briefly then away, making me feel shy. "So...Will you play, it would mean a lot-" "I'll play." He said and walked out. Jane grinned at me. I slowly followed both of them down the hall feeling nervous. Jane opened a door and turned on the light, then turned to me.

"Sorry I couldn't get you guys a bedroom, they're all uh, occupied." Jane said with a sly smile. It was a linen closet with only a couple shelves. It was clean luckily. "We'll let you know when time is up." She said while pushing Aaron and I inside and closing the door. I heard her walk away. I looked shyly at my shoes.

"So I-" Before I could finish my sentence or even think Aaron had put his arms around my waist and pulled me against him while kissing me fiercely. I was completely frozen with shock...Well almost completely. My hands had involuntarily dug into his thick hair keeping his face secured to mine. I couldn't focus because everywhere his hands or lips touched burned. Burned in a really great way. Making me want more. While one hand held me, his other crept up my leg and dug into my thigh making me moan. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I wasn't in control of myself any more. His hand left my thigh and went behind and under my shirt to the small of my back, he pressed his fingers there keeping me still. He then pulled away from my lips and instead kissed slowly down my throat. I tried to calm my breathing but failed. There was a loud knock on the door. We both froze. "Times up!" Jane called. Aaron brought his face up to mine and stared into my eyes for a moment. Then he dropped his hands and turned without looking back and walked out of the closet leaving me stunned.

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