An Interesting Friendship

My friend and I wanted to write something like this a while ago, but she got bored of quibblo and deleted so we never got a chance. So here's my interpretation of what we were going to do.

P.s. this is for Melody's story contest :)

Chapter 1


I was alone. I always had been. I lived in a forest, and yeah a lot of other people lived there too, but no one visited me. Not that I would visit them either, but some company now and again would've been nice. But it's because of my lack of friends that my life got interesting.

One day in spring I decided to go on my way, leave the forest behind and find somewhere new. There was a lovely little path running through the forest, and I decided to follow it until I found somewhere nice to set up camp. I brought some food with me, and a few belongings. They were packed away in my bag which I carried over my shoulder, along with a blanket.

It was dawn when I left, and by the middle of the day, even though I'm not one to eat much, I got hungry. I sat down beside a stream and had a long drink of the cool running water. Standing up again, I set off.

The trees rose above me like giant green monsters, looking down on me from above as if to degrade me. Trees were always crazy beings anyway. Never did understand our feelings. A cool wind blew through the leaves, stirring up the dust on the ground and sending a chill through my veins. Everyone knew trees were on the other side, the one you can't come back from, but had the other side gained elemental control? Some people thought that the blooded creatures had some form of elemental control, but the other side could easily have stolen it and improved it.

The wind was increasing by the second, and I had nowhere to go for shelter. I wrapped my blanket firmly around my shoulders and lay down flat on the ground so that the wind blew over me instead of blowing me over. Gradually it died down, and I could feel the warm rays from the sun once again.

I picked myself up off the ground and continued along the path, eyeing the trees and avoiding getting too close. They always knew when people were too close. The path lead me to an open area, not unlike a field, and to the side there was a small cave in a rocky mountain, almost completely obscured by trees.

I had planned on setting up camp in an open space where the trees wouldn't be too close, but a cave was even better because the trees would be too tall to fit inside. They had obviously noticed the cave and the advantage it would give me, and tried to hide it.

You see, I'm not just leaving because I got lonely, I had to get away from the trees. I lived in a forest for so long because they would never look for me among their own people, but when word got out that I wasn't on their side, or one similar or at least harmless to them, they started looking. I was brilliant at hiding, because I had to be, but the trees always find you when they look, so now I have to run.

I crept towards the cave and tried to avoid stepping on roots as much as possible. If the roots felt even a breath on them, they would attack. It didn't help that they were even more sensitive than fingertips and could probably feel the pressure through the ground. I was lucky, I had weight on my side, but the way I was going I couldn't be sure they couldn't feel me. It could all be a huge trap.

I crept past the final tree and looked over my shoulder to make sure none of them were moving towards me. None of them were, and I smiled in disbelief at my escape. But I had forgotten the most important rule: Beware of the roots. I turned back to face the cave, and in my happiness stood on a huge root, right in front of the cave. I froze. I could pretend to be a rabbit. But they would look around and see me. It was now or never. My last chance to get away. I ran for it, behind me the shifting forms of trees rushing forward to capture me. Their branches grabbed at me time and time again for what seemed like an hour, but was in fact only a few moments, and I made in inside the cave. I ran in deeper, hoping, praying that it went on further and didn't just stop. I reached the end and stopped, desperately looking for a crevice, anything to squeeze into and hide, but there was nothing.

No, there was something. In the very corner, it looked like a switch of some sort. Without thinking I ran over and pulled it, just as the longest branches came reaching for me. The end of the cave came away, revealing a hole barely large enough for me to climb through. I scrambled through to the other side and found another switch. I pulled it and the wall patched itself up again.

Turning around, I discovered where I was...

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