A Christmas Wish (For Love_is_like_HELL's contest)

Evangeline Samber is a 15-year-old teenager, much like any other.

Or at least, she is to others...Will someone else see the true her, before Christmas inflicts something that can't be turned back?

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Chapter 1

An Introduction To Evangeline Samber And A Good, Secret Friend

Evangeline Samber trudged through the snow, huffing loudly. She hated the cold with a passion. A fiery passion. A fiery passion that made steam run out of her ears and the snow melt.

Haha. Just kidding. She didn't have any superpowers.

Seriously though. She was seething with frustration and not just because of the snow. Lately, everything had gone exactly the way it had in her nightmare.
You see, Evangeline Samber wasn't a very brave girl. She was afraid of being hurt, so she never stuck up for her friends to the bullies and lately, Evangeline had been having nightmares. Nightmares where instead of her friends, the bullies had turned to her.

Yesterday, they had.

And so Evangeline trudged her way to school, having missed the bus, her hair wild, and her eyes still red with the tears from yesterday. If she had to be honest with herself, she'd gotten what she deserved. Because she hadn't stuck up for anyone, no one had stuck up for her. It was her own fault.

She took a deep breath.

Today was the last day at school, and then she'd have two delicious weeks of freedom, during which she could enjoy Christmas...Without friends.

She sniffed, and wiped her tears away as she stepped into the school, students throwing her looks and chuckling together as they caught sight of her. Evangeline went to her locker and opened it quickly. A bucket of water toppled over, drenching her entirely.

For a split second, everything was silent, and Evangeline was frozen. Then the laughter started and Evangeline raced away as fast as she could, the sudden tears on her face mingling with the water.

What our dearest, poor, Evangeline didn't notice, however, was the boy staring after her, and then walking to her locker, taking her books out carefully and drying them with his sleeve. The crowd fell silent.

Readers, this boy's name was Tristan Myd. Tristan was fifteen too, and new to the school. He wasn't noticed much, but he wasn't bullied either, because he was quite a good looking boy. Red hair, brown eyes, but a nice face. He was friendly too, but usually kept to himself, with a good reason.

He'd been keeping his eye on Evangeline, also with a good reason.

Evangeline, on her turn, had not noticed, refused to notice, and kept quiet the rest of the day.

As we all know, with good reason.

What she hadn't expected though, as she opened her locker with trembling hands at the end of the day, was a card with her name on it and dry books.

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