the war of 1000 reasons

Chapter 1

war of warriors

The sound of cannons and fire surround Mark, he slowly removes his heavy bronze maks and amor, revealing his tight black shirt, his pants are made of leather. His goal is to kill the enmy captin. why was he choosen you might ask? This is because he is son of Ares the god of war. He is a demi-god, and a legend, know for his skills with a sword, axes, and many more wepons. He even has the privliage of using the rare double sythe, that even the mighty hercules could not use.

he looks around to see masses of dead bodies of minotaur, humans, other demi-gods, and centaurs, everywere. All brought down by his hands. he hurries though the land destroying all enimies in sight, till he reaches the golden gates of the teripites, the hideout of the great comander Reanald, also a demi-god. He was the son of Angitia, a minor goddess, snake-goddess.\

Reanald was a high comander of the enimy army, and was wining the war. Mark's leader sent him out to try to assainate Reanald. So that they could get the advance in the war and fix the wrong.

Reanald use ot be a high powerful prince of a great noble land. this was untill a wizard came to him, a dark wiszard. the wizard perswaded him to learn his teachings, Reanald interested in this new form of magic accepted to learn it. It turned horrible, his soft skin, became dark and rough, his dark blue eyes turned to a dark purple. the red blod flowing though his veins turned blacker then the night. Reanald tuned fully evil.

Mark took the door out with a few slashes from his sythe, he approached a dark room, with a big bright red orb floating in the middle of the room. Reanald was having his back turned at Mark, admiring the red sphear. Reanald slowly turned around and smiled, and evil dark smile. "i have been waiting for u" he says drawing his sword out of its hilt.

Mark swings around his double sythe, as Reanald gets into a defensive position. Mark swings one end of hsi sythe and Reanald defends it with ease, as he make a counter attack and cuts a pice of Mark's pants. Mark moved quicker making his strikes faster with great acceracy, but every move he made Reanald seemed 5 ahead of him.

Reanald hits mark with the flat side of his blade, and mark flys to the floor. Reanald then walks over to the red speher floating in the center of the room. "do you know what this is? This...This is a mighty dragon egg, it was nearly impossible to find, yet, i found what will win the war for me, this is the answer." he start laughing a dark evil chuckle. mark struggles and prays, as he moves toward his sythe. "i have already one the war with this, it is more powerful then any of the Gods. The dragons are the first to jmake the world, to controll it. they have past their powers down to this pitttyful gods, but they still obtain their strength. When this egg hatches, i will be teh strongest in the universe, no one will stop me, not even all the gods combined."

Mark regains his ground and holds his sythe firmly in his hand. he felt his adreniln rush, as he mad a slash at reanald. Reanald, caught off gaurd, gets a small gut on his arm. he then swipes his sword at mark. Mark blocks it with his sythe, then sends a nother cut towards Reanald and cuts his arm. Reanald furious with himself lets out an attack of brute rage, no cordination. Mark takes the advantage and moves out of the way and cuts reanald's legs off.

Reanald yells in pain. he still fights trying to defent all the moves of mark but he is not fast enough. mark hits Reanalds hand and his sword flys across the room. Reanald stares in amazement at Mark.

Reanald's stare isnt in hatred or fustration. but of laughter "HA!!!! i never expected to win, just to give my boss a show, and to demonstate how weak you really are" he spits up into his chest and crawls a bit towar the egg. mark cuts him off and Reanald laughs agian. he rips his shirt off revealing a button. he slams his hand with hsi last movement aginst the button. the room shakes. the egg goes flying up and leaves the room as the room falls down around mark.

The exit gets blocked off by huge chunks of ceiling, he finds a weak wall and thust his body though it as the building crubles to the ground behind him. He looks up at the trees of the forest, no sight of the egg. he calls up his captian and tells him the situation and what happened.


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