Maybe This is Love ~ A Varsity Fanclub Love Story

Maybe This is Love ~ A Varsity Fanclub Love Story

Hi, so this is my first love story based off of one of my favorite boy bands, Varsity Fanclub. I hope you guys like it and please, tell me what you think. I have no real idea where this story is gonna go, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. thx ~Sarah xoxo = ) (I will be adding pics of the VFC boys in each chapter)

Chapter 1


Hi, my names Emma C.Scott. But everyone either calls me Em or something else. And here's a little ... story. But let's start about a year ago in LA, California.

"EMMA! YOUR MOM'S ON THE PHONE!" GG called to me from downstairs. I'm 17 now, but I live with my friends and group members. We call our house the Chick house, to go with our group name, Chick Sensation. "I'M COMING!" I shouted back, running down stairs.

"Hello?" I asked when GG finally gave me my cell phone back. She was playing on it again. "Hi Emelia. First off, tell me how things are there." Ugh, my mom called me Emelia again. "Everything’s fine here mom. And PLEASE, call me Emma, k?" "Ok, sorry Emma. I'm glad it's all good over there. But I have some exciting news." "Really?! What is it?!" I could hear my mom laugh; I must have sounded like a 5 year old that just got a bag of candy. "Your sister Marisol is coming to live with us." I was stunned. I hadn't seen my sister since I left Atlanta 2 years ago to move here to LA. "Are you serious? YAY! I haven’t seen Marisol in forever!" I nearly shouted into my phone. I heard GG gasp in the other room, and she came running in. Missy and Shawna following close behind. They looked like they had seen a ghost. "Is Marisol coming!?!" GG asked with wide eyes, so loud my mom could hear her. I simply shook my head "yes" and she started to excitedly jump around in circles. "I think I'll let you go. Sounds like you need to go calm a certain someone down." My mom said. "Ya, but mom. When is Marisol coming?" I asked. "Next month, now I have to go. Some ones here with a huge order for cupcakes." She quickly said, and hung up before I could say anything else.

Next Month!?! Wow, I was so excited to finally see my sister again! But clearly not as excited as GG. "Eek! Marisol's coming!" GG screamed, coming over and shaking me by my shoulders. Before collapsing on the couch with a huge smile that is. We all laughed. But Missy and Shawna still wanted to know the whole story. I told them all about Marisol and even showed them a picture of me and Marisol before I left Atlanta.

Not long after I finished telling them about Marisol and calling my friend Erica to tell her the news, (from what I heard on the other line, she reacted the same way GG did) the doorbell rang. We all got up and went to the door at the same time. We open the door to find The Varsity guys standing there. Jayk, TC, Drew, and David were all staring at us. "Did you guys forget we were coming over to watch the game?" Jayk asked. We all snapped back to reality. "Oh crap, the Basketball game! We totally forgot." Missy said. All the guys were already in their teams jerseys. They had even brought chips and soda. "Come in and we'll be right back." Shawna said. We all scrambled to get upstairs and get ready as quickly as possible. Leaving the guys alone in our house, especially with Drew there, was a recipe for disaster.

Of course, Jayk's team won. But we all laughed it off and the guys left. It was a crazy day, but tomorrow, the real work begins. Time to get ready for Marisol.


Hi, I hope you guys liked it. I know it's short but I was running low on inspiration. What do you guys think so far? I would like at least 5 comments to move on, and I'm more then open for suggestions. I hope you guys liked it! = )
~Skyler xoxo =)

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