One Hand, One Heart (A Starkid Love Story)

One Hand, One Heart (A Starkid Love Story)

Hey, I'm Annastasia (Daughter_of_Aphrodite15) & She's Jess (StarkidLover) this is my first Starkids story and i'm nervous but I hope that you'll like it. Please comment your thoughts and rate our story, thanks Annastasia.  

Setting: Chicago, Michigan University & LA since Joey and Darren live there together.

Chapter 1

Character info

Name: Jessica Laurel but Jess is fine :)
Appearance: short, long curly brown hair hair, hazel eyes
Personality: bubbly, loves to dance, caring, always there for her friends, loves music
Boyfriend/love interest: Joey Richter
best Friend: Chloe Coulson
Wants to be a "dancer, musical theatre/ actress

Name: Chloe Coulson
Appearance: Tall/skinny/sexy with wavy medium length Sandy blonde hair and Navy blue eyes
Personality: Popular, Rich, flirty & charming
Boyfriend/love interest: Darren Criss
best Friend: Jessica Laurel (Jess)
Wants to be an actress/singer/model

Name: Sophia Grace Lively
Appearance: Dark-Blonde (Brownish) hair that goes down to her shoulders in a sort of wavy way, extremely bright blue eyes, light skin (a hardly noticable tan), Average Weight, only around 5'6, decently pretty
Personality: Nice, Funny, A bit of a Charmer, Decently outgoing, mostly shy, enjoys the outdoors, sensitive, a little too trustworthy, doesn't enjoy annoying people or getting inturrupted, quiet when you first meet her, loudish when you really get to know her, hyper when had to much soda/candy/sugar, noticably a noble person, etc.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend//love interest: BrIan Rosenthal
Best Friend: Chloe Coulson, Jessica Laurel & Darren Criss, Joey Ricter and Brian Rosenthal
Wants to be an: Photographer or Artist (Possibly Journalist... for like magazines or newspaper)

Skylar Blue
She has red hair,with black streaks and brown eyes.She's cute too
she's funny and sweet,annoying at sometimes,and mean when someone is mean to her or her friends.sometimes lazy,but mostly active.
Love intrest:Brian Holden
best friend:Nick lang and Meredith
she wants to be a singer

Name: Meghan Tanner
Appearance: Short, thin, but toned( from dancing), big chocolate brown eyes, medium length straight brown hair
Personality: Sweet, but very sarcastic, genuinely cares for people, a little on the nerdy side
Love interest: Dylan Saunders
Best Friends: Matt Lang and Lily Marks
Wants to be a: Dancer

Name: Roxy Walker (Joe Walker's little Sister)
Height: 5ft 9in
looks: Dark brown hair, blue highlights, blue eyes, people say she is just as good looking as her brother (;)lol), long legs, nice curves.
Love interest/crush: Matt Lang
Best Friend: Lauren and Joe W.
Personality: Fun loving, funny, loves HP, nice, caring, Can and Will beat up anyone who messes with her or her friends, HATES discrimination.

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