Fireflies (An Outisders Love story)

I usually make twilight/ warriors fanfics/quizzes, but my teacher read The Outsiders to me and I fell in love.(with more than one thing wink)

* I want to thank you guys for giving me 21 reads. I know, it isn't a bunch, but I don't think I've had this many reads on a single story before. So thank you guys! Read on, I have a suprise :)*

Chapter 1

The night before the rumble

It had been a year after the last rumble.
It had also been a year after deaths of Jonny and Dallas winston.They were still fresh in my m ind adn every day I thought what if I hadn't decided to go to the movies that night? All this could be traced back to that, because I went to the movies, Dally tried to pick up Cherry, we walked Cherry home, the socs got mad, theyh jumped me and Jonny and Jonny had killed one.
I had turned 15. But Darry still went harsh on me. Well, not really harsh, but his rules stuck, and he enforced them greater. Still be back before midnight, no staying out late school night, all that stuff, even though school was still hard for me, and that theme My teacher had me write gave me an A instead of a C, which was great for me and Darry, because Darry knew how much I needed a good grade, and how muh bad grades hurt my chances at college.
Steve had gotten thrown in the slammer, public disturbance, being a JD again, and if you wanna hear something funny, steve was complaining about the clothes they gave him and having to do his buissness in front of his cellmates. He really got torn up about that, and it irritated me to know he cared more about that stuff than how his friends were doing, but Steve couldn't be counted as my friend, so I let it go.
Cherry Valance never talked to me at all after Jonny died, and I even think she moved on to another soc, but that was only talk from the school, not hard fact that she never talked to me.
"Hey Pony, you gonna be able to listen at this rumble, huh?"Two-Bit asked me from the couch with a ciggarette hanging out of his mouth.
"Shoot, what do you mean, I listened before!"
"No you didn't, you took on five guys at a time. Not saying that don't show a sighn of bravery right there, but stil, you ought to have known better."
"I did only take on one guy, the smallest I could get my hands on too, but then they all ganged up on me, so don't fly off on me."
Just then Darry walked in with a cake in his hand."He ain't going to listen at this rumble cus he isn't going to be there."
"Hey man, you said we didn't have no more of that cake! I went hungry all day for that cake!"
'I hid it."
"And besides,"Two-Bit said taking a draw off of his ciggarette."Why aren't you going to let him come to this rumble? No one gets hurt in rumbles anymore."He chuckled."Remember that night Dally made the nurse let him come out of the hospital and ran right straight to the lot to be in the rumble?"
'Aw shut up Two-Bit, you aren't helping nothing."I muttered to him.
That was when my brother opened his mouth. Soda was going to say something wise, I knew it."Yeah, why don't ya shut up about it Two-Bit? You don't think we remember? You remember Guys?"he went on not waiting for an answer."Besides, I don't like you telling Darry how to handle Ponyboy. Ponyboy ain't the same anyways, and Darry ought to know that, but I don't like him going to no rumbles, and people do still get hurt in rumbles, you just been in the no weapons rumbles, like a sissy, and backed out of the weapons ones. Just mind your own buissness!"Soda fumed.
I think it was safe to say everyone was thinking of the same thing;What's gotten into him?
Soda had been grumpy these past few weeks, And I didn't know if it was becaused of the rumble or something different.Maybe it might have been Sandy. Soda had never snapped really before these weeks and when he did(if he did)that's what this really was, Sandy. She had gotten pregnant by someone who wasn't Soda and he took everything like a man. But she litterally broke his heart whenever she sent back the letter Soda sent to her one day, just asking how she had been, how she was doing, mentioning how things were around here.I remember him sitting up at nights days at a time crying because Sandy didn't even open the letter at all. He had worried me to where I thought he would try to kill himself, but when I asked him, he said he would never do that to me and Darry, and I beleived him.
"Hey now Soda, you better go to your room, we don't need no more fighting going on without the rumble."
Soda didn't object, but stomped off.
Two-Bit didn't say anything while Soda was screaming at him, but now he did."I-Darry, I didn't mean it like that, or anything about Dally either, I swear."Two-Bit honestly looked sorry, not the same joking self he had been a couple seconds ago.
Darry just shook his head."No I know it Two-Bit. I'm worried 'bout him. He ain't been the same since Sandy."No body else had to say anything, we all knew.
Darry looked at me."And I'm serious, I better not catch you doing something stupid."
I nodded, since I knew better than to not listen to Darry, or at least, not tell him no.The fact about me not getting into this rumble didn't bother me. I mean, not that part. The part that did bother me was that they didn't beleive me when I said I had listened and would listen this time. I would show them.
Two-Bit put his ciggarette out.
"Ponyboy, we ought to fix your hair, it's grown back and looks like crap, the blonde is on the end and the tops are black again. We'll go cut it tommorrow."Darry said."Before the rumble."he added."I wanna be there when they do it and I ain't missing the rumble."
"Okay. Hey, Imma go check on Soda and go to bed. I'm tired."Darry nodded cautiously and i walked quietly up to our shared room.
I barley opened the door and heard Soda crying. That was somethin i didn't see much often.Sodapop never had much to cry about.
I saw he was looking at and then it made since. It was the letter he had written to Sandy, but he still hadn't opened it.
"Sodapop?"I whispered softly.
He jerked his face to look up at me, his eyes were red."Pony, I'm sorry I flew off my handle like that, it's just Sandy has me worried sick. I called her mom and her mom said the baby isn't going to be too good. I just wish I could have saw it."
Sodapop never gave a toot about himself, always about others.It made me mad at times.
"Listen Soda,"I was quiet."You need to stop taking her favor! She cheated on you. You should be mad at her, not worried about if this would hurt her."
"I know that Pony, but I love sandy, still, and I just want her safe. But I guess she ain't the one for me, even though I can't tell you how much I wish she was."
You couldn't not be sorry for him. He honestly hadn't done anything for her to mistreat him.
"Yeah, I know Soda. You think your ever going to find the girl?"
"Gee buddy, I sure hope so."he threw the letter across the room.
"Do you think I will find the right girl?"
"Pony, don't bother with girls, until you are positive you love them and they love you too, okay? Promise?"
"Yeah, I wasn't going to anyway,just asking."
"Good.Hey, you coming to bed or not?"
"Yeah."I changed clothes and hopped under the blankets.
"Goodnight Soda. And I know you didn't mean nothing when you started yelling."
"Goodnight Pony. And I'm glad you know that."
It didn't take long for me to fall asleep after that, and my dreams were of my family.

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