Sunsets and Silhouette Dreams~Fred Weasley Love Story~

It's basically my other Harry Potter story, but revamped.
Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Dahilia stepped out of her house, her jacket tight around her. The air wasn't usually cold in the middle of summer, but after a rainfall it gets a little chilly.She looked right, then looked left. She bolted from her spot and ran across the street and up the driveway to a house that she knew well. Number 4 Privet Drive. Her hand lingered on the doornob, but then rang the door.

She smiled slighlty at the older woman, Petunia Dursley. Petunia had a horse-like face, which looked like she was always smelling something bad. She had beady eyes and had the aura that she thought that she was better than you. She was also a very, very nosy woman. "Dahilia, where is your grandmother?" Petunia asked, leaning against the wooden doorframe."Gran's on her way. She wanted me to tell you that it was very kind of you to invite us over."Dahilia said, handing her a plate that contained homemade fudge rounds.

"Oh, how I love your grandmother's fudge!" Petunia exclaimed. This behavior was not normal for her, but it must be because Dahilia's grandmother ran the bookclub that all the stay-at-home mothers went to. Even with her grandmother not liking most of the mothers, she was a gossip. Dahilia smiled nervously, then saw the familar face that she had grown to know so well. She smiled lightly at the boy, not wanting his aunt to turn around and scold him for not doing house work.

"Dahilia, have you given them the fudge?"Dahilia turned and saw her grandmother waddle up the driveway. Dahilia rushed to help her, as she was struggling slightly."Yes, Gran, I did."She said as they made it to the front door.

"I added cinnamin like Dudley likes it,"Gran said. Petunia smiled and called her only son. In Dahilia's eyes, Dudley was a mean creature that was put here just to torture her and Harry. He would often chase them around, threatening them. Maybe if he was disciplined properly, Dudley would actually be nicer. As Dahilia looked inside, she saw Dudley walking over, smiling mischeviously at Dahilia.She frowned a bit, then shifted her gaze to something else. That nice spot on the rug will do."What is it?"Dudley asked, all annoyance in his voice.

"Mrs. Violet brought us some fudge.It's go-"Before Petunia coulld say anything more, Dudley grasped the plate of fudge and ran to the living room."Such a nice kid,"Mrs. Violet muttered, making Dahilia chuckle lightly. Dahilia knew that her grandmother didn't like the Dursleys that much.They were proud people and they were mean to Harry, who was friends with Dahilia."Well, do come in.The weather isn't nice enough for two ladies like yourselves to be out in."

The voice was Mr. Dursley.He was more than chubby, and had a handlebar mustache that always made Dahilia want to laugh. Dahilia waited for her grandmother to step inside, then walked inside behind her. "Lovely rug, is it new?"Mrs.Violet asked Mrs.Dursley. That got them into the discussion of interior design,leaving Dahilia alone in the hallway.She waited until everybody had gone into the living room, then she knocked quietly on the little cupboard that went under the stairs.

Three knocks later and a skinny boy with black hair and green eyes answered it. He smiled brightly at Dahilia and welcomed her in. Dahilia felt more at home under the stairs than she did in the Dursley's living room, even if it was too small for both of them to do anything.

She grabbed a wrap out of her jacket and handed it to him."My grandmother made extra fudge; just for you."Dahilia said, handing him the wrap.Harry smiled at his friend."Tell her thank you for me."Dahilia nodded. "Why didn't you come outside yesterday?"He asked her. Dahilia shook her head."I had to help Gran with cooking. And then I had to clean,"Dahilia stated, playing with a little figureine that Harry had on one shelf.

That was a lie. If she told him what she was really doing with her grandmother, he would think of her as crazy. It drove Dahilia mad that she couldn't really tell him much about herself, and she knew that he knew that she was keeping something from him. He never pressured her to tell him, though.

"So, any news for tomorrow?"She asked, looking at Harry with her blue eyes. Harry nodded."It's Dudley's birthday tomorrow...which means I'll be up early making breakfast-" "Is that any diffrent from usual?"Dahilia interupted, looking at him. Harry laughed slightly but shook his head no. Dahilia started to ruffle his hair."Hey!"He yelled, causing Dahilia to laugh.

"I thought that your aunt just cut your hair."She said, taking her hand away. Harry nodded."She did.It just grows back, kind of like-"

"Magic."Both of them say at the same time. Then they both laughed slightly. "Not possible. If magic was real, I'd wish for my parents."Harry whispered to her, and then hung his head. Dahilia gave him a comforting pat on his shoulder, then moved closer to him. He was her best friend, one of them, at least. She didn't like to see him upset.

And now, more than ever, she wished that she could tell him everything. About how magic was real, but how he couldn't bring his parents back with it."I know the feeling, Harry."She held back her own tears as the duo sat in silence, huddled close. Their friendship was special; neither of them really had friends or siblings, so they to Dahilia, Harry was like her brother.

"But they aren't really dead, Harry. They're alive, right here,"Dahilia poked Harry's chest, right where his heart would be. Grandmother Violet told her that even if her parents weren't there physically, they were there in her heart. "I know. It's sad how neither of us even met our parents.Not one of them."

"We did one time, Harry. We were just too young to actually remember much." Dahilia replied. Just as Harry was about to say something else, her grandmother called her out from beneath the broomcloset."I'll see you soon, Harry. Promise of our hearts,"Dahilia said, smiling and holding up her hand."Promise on our hearts,"Harry replied, shaking her hand.


Dahilia smiled as she left the Dursley's house.Yes, not many people are as cheerful when they leave that house. It just turns out that her best friend ,Harry Potter, lives in that house. Even though Dahilia is a caring and brave person, she doesn't make friends easily.

Maybe it was because she didn't go to school anymore. She was pulled out around the age of six. No, not for anything bad, but just for being....different. Animals were always attracted to her, making her already short attention span turn to them.

Even in class, strange things would happen.The class pet, Mousey, would always get out of his cage and end up playing with Dahilia. That wasn't the only thing diffrent with her. She would also be weird with how she helped the ill. Her Grandmother Violet got sick often, and even at a young age Dahilia had a gift for caring and maturity.

"Oi, where is it??"Granny Violet asked, glancing at Dahilia as she walked through the door."Where is what?"Dahilia asked, placing her messanger bag on the inn table that resided next to the door. "My wand!"Granny Violet yelled, picking up Dahilia's bag and looking through it."Well I don't have it; I don't even own a wand yet!"Dahilia said, walking from her spot in the corridor to the open and vast living room.

She sighed when she saw the picture.One was of a young woman with short strawberry red hair and radiating brown eyes.She was hugging man with black hair and brigt blue eyes.The picture moved; one spot they were hugging and the next they pull in for a kiss.

"Found it!"She heard Granny Violet yell as she held up her wand. Granny Violet's happy expression turned grim when she saw Dahilia pick up one of the pictures. Granny Violet made her way over, placing a comforting hand on Dahilia's shoulder.

"You have your father's eyes,"Granny Violet said in a whispered tone. Dahilia nodded solemnly, not making any sound. Granny Violet let go of her shoulder, and then took the picture from her hand. "You remind me of my daughter so much,"she said, stairing down at the picture. Dahilia quirked an eyebrow."You've never told me that before."

"Well, you are. You're very mature for such a young age, Dally.An old soul is what us old farts call it."Dahilia cracked a smile at her grandmother's humor."And you care for people. Really care-" Dahilia stopped her there. "Well, do you want some dinner?"Dahilia asked, smiling up at the older woman.Granny Violet smiled, but her brown eyes were still kind and heart warming"Sure."


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