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Anyways here's Trapped

Chapter 1

The Light Across the Hall

by: CJaynie97
I felt gratitude for however was in the cell next to me. They didnt tell me to be quiet when I yelled or told me to stop pacing when I felt nervous. No, because she or he was doing the same, like everyone else in the cells. Insanity was creeping slowly through the room and I could hear its victims screaming and muttering and sobbing. I think it was the loneliness that broke them. I could handle the loneliness; I grew up lonely. As well as the loneliness I think that the helplessness made them crack. I did whatever I could to stop Insanity from coming after me. I didn’t want that to happen to me. No, thank you.
So I sang any song I could remember. I would pretend that I was singing with a band of musicians. A guitarist, a saxophonist, a pianist and the music would be so sweet. Sometimes it actually seemed real. Then I would put my hand down and feel the hard dirt floor and I would open my eyes to see what was my home and personal Hell.
The walls were stone that made the cells very hot. I had a bed and bowl as my toilet, so it always stank. I wore the same clothes that I wore when they brought me in, except I ripped my shirt and made a ribbon for my hair. That didn’t matter now that I cut it with the sharpened end of my spoon. The hair that I cut off is still in the corner of the room; no one came inside the cell, definitely not to clean. I couldn’t see anything outside my cell from three sides. The door to my cell was bars and even though they tied a tarp to the barred door I could see the black oblivion through the corners. There were no windows, so there was no light, except when the new girl moved in across from me.
For some reason she had a light in her cell. A bright light too, because the light shined in through to my room from the corners of the door. From the light I could see the outside of the other cells and the open door of the one across from me. Thats when I saw the girl. She looked about thirteen or at least older than me at eleven. She had long black hair and slim tanned limbs. She was very pretty. Her bed was bigger than mine and she had a plush chair and wooden table for one. She was sitting on a mat. I wish I had a mat to sit on. She kept looking around. She looked at the ceiling, the walls, the hallway, and then her furniture. Then she looked at me.
I shuffled back from the door and into the shadows. Oh, how long its been since I have seen a shadow. I don’t know why I moved away from the door. I had been aching for some type of human contact for ages. Just for something to do. So I still dont know why I didnt answer her next question.
'Hello? I know you are there. Come on! Talk to me. Um, my name is Anna. What's your name?' she was met with silence.
After a few moments I heard Anna mumble something and then a shuffle sounded. Then I saw a shadow of a pair of legs walk past. After some more silence two sets of legs past my cell.
'What’s…ah…the person in there’s name?' I heard Anna ask.
'Brenna Louis. Age is eleven and a half and is awaiting execution on the charges of running away and disobeying the laws of her home and family.' A gruff voice answered. There it was. My status as a human being. Almost dead.
I thought often about what Mother and Father thought of their only child. Their daughter was in prison. How shameful! I bet they won’t even come to my execution. They wouldn’t want their golfing and tea party friends to think that they actually cared for their daughter. No that would be so scandalous! No one these days cared for their offspring as they called them. Not in 2042. I grew up at one of the children homes like everyone else. The only problem was that I was the only child born in the area, so I was by myself. No siblings, no friends and an old lady who slept all the time. So I basically lived by myself in a big house built to indulge children in learning social and educational skills. The irony was laughable. But I learnt. The house was near the Wild, so I would go out there and pretend I was one of the people that grew up there. Like the dead African culture. New World was a scary place and I envied anyone who lived in Old World. When I didn’t go outside I read the books in the house. I thank the nurse maid that taught me to read before my parents sent me away.
For while I heard Anna talk to the guard, or though it seemed like she was ordering him. My name was mentioned several times and so were words like 'Old World', 'Old Africa', The New Land War and 'Milady'. I wasn't sure I wanted to know what they were discussing.

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