The scary story of the little girl

Its about a little girl an her life an all the horrible things that happen throughout it

Chapter 1

Her childhood

by: LuvYhu7
There was a girl named Allison. Her parents where about 13 when they had her an they didnt know what to do with her so they gave her to this adoption agency. Then about after a week sombody had adopted her. She lived with this family for about 8 years then strange things started to happen. She was going 2 school when she saw this boy runnin down the street so she followed him. He ran into this abandoned house. She was kinda scared to go in but she did. The house looked horrible. Then all of a sudden the door slamed shut behind her. She saw the boy an he looked Possessed so the girl ran into 1 of the abandoned rooms of the house an hide in the closet. She heard the boy taking slow steps towards the room. His voice kept changing as if sombody was inside of him. She started crying in fear. Then all of a sudden the closet doors flew open an the girl shrieked. The boy looked straight into her eyes an kept moving his head from side to side looking at the terrified girl. Then the little boys voice got really deep an his eyes rolled to the back of his head an screamed " WHY ARE YHU HERE GET OUT!!!". Then the boy threw the girl into the wall an then jumped into her body. Then the little girl walked straight out of the house Home without a word. She walked into her house ignored her foster parents an walked not her room slammed her door an locked it.


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