each chapter will be to someone different, it can be to my mom, best friend, crush, person that annoys me, or etc.

Chapter 1

Dear mom

Dear mom,
15 years ago, I had surprised by coming in your life. You were scared but you acted strong. Now I know who I get that from. You were just a kid having baby at only 19. My father promised he will always be there but he wasn't. A single parent raising me and my sister. Have I ever told you thank you? You pushed me to try my hardest. Every time I was sick you were always by my side. You are the strongest person. Time is going by fast and sooner or later, I'm going to be on my own. I'll remember everything that you taught me. We may have our disagreements but you always know what's best. Sorry for complaining, I know you want the best for me.

Your first born

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