There's Nobody Else~ A Harry Styles Love Story

There's Nobody Else~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Hello! This is my millionth attempt to be proud of a Harry Styles story. I hope I can do it this time! Harry Styles is mine so LAY OFF! Enjoy.

Chapter 1

The New Stylist

by: Stylinson
Name: Mia Reece
DOB: 3rd June, 1995
Age: 15
Hair: Medium length chocolate brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Slightly pale
Nails: Natural french manicure
Height: 5' 4"
Personality: Demanding, smart, cheeky, lovable, funny.
Job: Stylist on X Factor
Life: Lives with mother, took time out of school for the job.

The sun was slowly inching towards the west. I quickly had a shower and changed into this I packed my handbag and lgihtly curled my hair before heading out the door. Mum was stil at work so I locked up and texted her.
Me- Going now Mum.
Mum- Do you need to be picked up?
Me- I'll let you know.
I slid my phone back into my pocket and set off for the studio. Luckily it wasn't too far fro my house and I could get there in time. It was like this every night. At least I got good money for it and tie off school. I reached the back door and swiped my card. Easy access. As soon as I was in my boss, Meredith, came rushing towards me.
"Thank goodness someone's on time! You can go straight to work. Liam and Zayn are here but we are waiting for the others." She said.
I hung my bag and coat up before going over to the One Direction styling chairs. I used to style Cher Lloyd but last night they moved me to One Direction. They said it was like a promotion. I found those two boys waiting.
"Hey! I'm your new stylist." I said shaking their hands.
They grinned up at me in a flirty way.
"I'm Liam, this is Zayn. Aren't you a little young?" He asked.
"I'm a year younger than you, taking time off school." I said.
I spun Zayn arund and began doing his hair.
"How'd you get this job?" He asked.
"I know people." I said.
He laughed. Then another boy rushed over.
"I'm here!" He gasped.
Liam grinned.
"Niall, this is our new stylist. Sorry, I didn't catch your name?" He said.
"Mia." I told him.
I was running mousse through Zayn's hair now.
"Cool, someone young. The other lady was mean." Niall muttered.
I laughed. I ran my nails through the front of Zayn's hair, combing it up. Once in the usual spiked style I sprayed it. I held my cold hand over his face, preventing it from getting in his eyes.
"Done! Go to ake up and when you some back Ill get your clothes." I said.
He grinned.
I turned to Liam.
"Wow! You usually straighten it right?" I asked.
He nodded. I heated up the striahgtener while running softener through his locks. When the striahgtener was ready I began to straighten the curls. Then another boy came running over. He reminded e of Justin Beiber.
"Louis! This is Mia, new stylist." Niall said.
Mustn't be many secrets in this place. They blab a lot. Louis smirked at me.
"Didn't you use to be Cher's stylist?"
"Yep. Got moved last night."
It took a while but eventually Liam's hair was straight. I combed it to the side and sprayed it.
"Okay, make up!" I grinned.
He took off. Niall's hair was very easy. Just ruffle it and spray. Louis' was next. He had good hair. It was done in miniutes. Just as Louis left for make up a very attractive boy with curly hair ran over. He had beautiful blue eyes and a breath-taking smile. I still kept my cool.
"You're late." I stated.
He gave me a cheeky, flirty grin.
"And who might you be?" He asked.
"Your new styist. Sit."
He sat in the chair still smirking. I ran my fingers through his hair.
"Ever thought of a cut, curly?" I asked.
"I could never do that!" He gasped dramatically.
I couldn't really do much to his hair. I combed it and parted it. I tried to get the curls to sit as best as possible. I sprayed it and he left. Zayn then appeared around the corner.
"Ready!" He smiled.
I took him over to wardrobe. I gave him a white shirt with straigh jeans, a loose check shirt and shiny shoes.
"Okay, sit and dont touch your hair, outfit or make up!" I said.
He laughed and did as he was told. Liam came around now. I gave him skinny jeans a blue and white hoodie with a grey beanie and grey converse.
"Sit. No touching."
He obeyed. After a while Niall came around followed my Louis.
"Louis can you wait, I'll fix Niall." I said.
Niall had a grey v-neck with a thin red shirt, blue jeans, thin red scarf and black DC's. Louis was also easily done. White shirt, red hoodie, black jeans and white kicks. Then Harry came.
"Ready!" He smirked.
"Stand still." I muttered.
Even though it was hard to find something that looked bad on Harry, I settled on blue jeans, grey top, undone grey jacket, cream scarf and black converse. They all sat in their chairs waiting to go on. The show had started but they had a while to go. I sat on a chair next to them.
"Do you live here?" Niall asked.
"Nope." I said popping the p.
"Where?" Liam asked.
"Holms Chapel." I answered.
They all 'oohed'.
"What's wrong with that?" I asked.
"Nothing." Zayn laughed.
"Harry lives there." Louis said.
I looked over at the smug Harry.
"Are you ging back?" I asked.
"Yeh. We're all going to live there for a while." He said.
I slapped my hand to my head.
"Aww, you don't want to live with the annoying boys?" Louis said stupidly.
"No!" I gasped dramatically.
Forty miniutes flew by and the boys were soon being called on.
"Good luck!" I grinned as they left.
They were just about gone when Harry turned around and gave e a cheeky wink.

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