Hetalia Love Stories

A series of stories I will be writing. Will be many different OC's and a Hetalia countries.

Chapter 2

Ireland X Russia

I Hate You

"Bridget, you must stay calm today." Arthur said to me. I rolled my eyes and said "I know England, it'll work like you not being a terrible cook." He huffed and yelled "You little git!" I smirked, my accent was thick as I said in a rushed tone "You little git! You don't have room to talk." Glaring at me we sat down. Sicily smiled at me from across the table. Sadly I got stuck next to Ivan, we hated each other. As he talked about becoming one with Russia I finally had enough I stood up and yelled "Why doncha shut your big fat mouth! We don' care about your stupid 'dream'!" Russia paused and turned to glare at me, he was still holding his pipe. I glared back, my red bangs falling into my green eyes. America blinked and said "Erm Ireland, I don't think that's such a good idea." My glare silenced him. Russia dropped his gaze and asked "You think you can beat me da?" I nodded and said "Any time, anywhere!" He swung down at me with his pipe, I rolled to the side. The heavy pipe hit the table, it rattled violently. I kicked when he raised his arms again, hitting him right in the side of his chest. "Ow, ma leg!" I cried in pain. Russia blinked and asked "Your okay, da?" I shook my head staring down at my ankle in pain. He tilted his head to the side and said "I'm sorry." I was still dumbfounded, had that kick sprained my ankle? I was strong, but he was basically a brick wall. England said "Well, since you have caused this I might suggest you take care of her." I stood up wincing, I growled "I'm fine. I can-OW!" Russia steadied me and said "I will, you can stay with me until your back on your feet." America laughed like a fool and said "That's kinda funny, hahaha back on her feet?" Ivan was unfazed.
Russia's P.O.V
She had harmed herself while attacking me, I found that almost honorable. She sat next to me on the couch in my house studying the paintings of the snow caps and sunflowers. I looked at her and asked "You like them da?" She nodded. I smiled, she was pretty. Her flame red hair, sparkly green eyes, and the light freckles. I suppose when you get down to it I was attracted to her, though if you looked threw her view I was a monster who only thought of himself. She looked up and saw my gaze had fallen on her, she blushed slightly. Bridget laughed and asked "What is it, do I have something on my face?" I smiled brightly and said "No, nothing. Would you like to watch a movie?" She nodded and asked "Like what?" I thought and said "I don't know, I'll pick one at random." I pulled one at random and put it in. I started the movie and sat back down, she leaned on me. "I'm not bothering ya, am I?" she asked cutely. I shook my head and rested the side on my face on her head, she stared at the screen and watched as someone was hacked to pieces. She buried her face in my side. She whispered "What's happening now?" I laughed and whispered in her ear "The man wants to kiss the woman but doesn't know how to go about it." She looked up at the screen and said "No, there's-Oh!" With her foot still propped up she looked at me. I leaned over and kissed her lips softly. She quickly pulled away, afraid I had done something wrong I asked "What is it?" She didn't look up from her lap as she said "Your kissing me out of pity aren't you? I mean, your sister is in love with you. She'll kill me, I bet you think I'm a bich, someone who doesn't care who she steps on to get what she wants. Truth be told I am that person." I looked down at her and shook my head "No I don't think of you like that, I am just a monster who hates everyone in your views aren't I?" She looked up and cried "No! Ivan I don't think like that, I think your very sweet, and quite a crack up when your drunk." I pressed my hand to hers and said "Your sweet."

Finally Bridget was able to walk, she stood up and started making some hot chocolate. I had told her to stay a few extra days to 'ensure' that her leg was perfectly fine. I smiled and said "Well, your walking fine, da?" She laughed and mocked my accent "Da!" I laughed and said "If the Irish wasn't so thick it would almost be half way authentic." She rolled her eyes and said "Ivan, I am walking fine. I could leave to-" "No! I mean not today, in at least two days you should go." She laughed and said "If it wasn't for the good meals and compliments I would say I'm being held captive." I shook my head and said "You can leave of your own free will, but after I say your all better." She snickered. Handing me a cup of cocoa she said "Here ya go." I took a sip, she sat on the table. Nothing had progressed from the one kiss we had shared except some settled feelings. I set down the warm, sweet, chocolatey drink and walked to her. She smiled as I stepped a bit closer, I could tell my face was most likely glowing redder than her hair. She looked up at me and asked "Ivan, ya okay?" I nodded and bent down to be eye level with her. Her cheeks were a cute shade of pink, I pressed my lips to hers. This time she didn't pull away, instead she deepened the kiss by lacing her finger in my hair. Wrapped my arms around her waist and started to pick her up. She was light, she yelped as she was lifted off the table. I smirked into our kiss, I stumbled onto the couch and fell so I was laying on it, and she was laying on me. She pressed closer to me, I was the first to pull away gasping. She pouted "Hey! Whyda stop?" As I caught my breath I said "I do need to breath." She smiled.

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