Hetalia Love Stories

A series of stories I will be writing. Will be many different OC's and a Hetalia countries.

Chapter 26

Angel Island X China

~ Alright, for those of you who don't know where Angel Island is, it was the immigration center for Asian's (Mainly Chinese) from 1910 to 1940. Her previous incarnation was Fort McDowell in the Spanish-American War. Also known as 'The Ellis Island of the West'. Yeah, I know I need to work on my requests but I'm blocked on those. I have a new love for China, he's super adorable, this takes place at Hetalia academy. This was f-ing long, you should so check out this awesome pick of the Asian guys I found! More info at the bottom ~

http://www.polyvore.com/hetalia_tumblr/thing?id=63047965 ~~ Pure Awesomness!

Angel Island's P.O.V

Her version of the uniform ~ http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57594185

I scratched the back of my neck walking up to the school, my uniform covered most of my burns and tattoos. I made my way inside, California stared at me as I walked down the halls. She sprinted to catch up with me and she cried "Angel Island, what are you doing here!? You weren't suppose to come, why couldn't you have stayed at home, your going to embarrass me in front of everyone." I looked at the blonde state in disbelief, I rolled my eyes and tucked my long black hair behind my ear. As I saw China with Russia stalking him, I quickly walked away. The longer I avoided any of the Asians the better, I walked into the island classes and saw many different cultures. Alcatraz was there I walked up to the ex penitentiary and tapped his shoulder, he looked up at me and said with a grin "Tattoos!" I glared at his nickname for me, this is one of the reasons I had a resentment for China. During our relationship he had tattooed me in several different places. I sat down and said "Don't call me that, or I'll use a name that you don't wanna hear." My body graffiti was something I didn't enjoy talking about. The burns that ran down my left wrist were revealed to the open air as I stared ahead to the board. Mr. Rome looked at us and said "Alright, lets get started."

"Yo! Angel Island!!" America screamed, I ducked my head down when I saw heads turn toward me. I took a deep breath and snapped "Alfred, why don't you go play with Ellis Island."
"But your....a rebel! Much more fun to hang out with." I glared at him and snapped "Then go mess with Manhattan." He pouted and said "Can't I sit with you, come on. Pleeeeeeaaaaasssee!" I growled finally and said "Fine don't pull any funny c_r_ap though." He grinned and said "Never."
"At least your not as bad as California."
"Why what did she do?"
"She got all pi__s_sy when she saw me here this morning." His mouth was full of his hamburger as he said "Paths stoo-pib." I laughed and asked "What?" The blond swallowed and said "That's stupid." I chuckled until he asked "So, you seen China today? I heard him talking about you in Ally Classes." I stiffened and looked over to the old nation, the lunchroom was packed with various languages and smiling faces. I saw his dark eyes on me and I looked away and said "No, I haven't."
"Oh you should, he's been talking about you all morning. I guess he saw you this morning when you ran to class."

I made my way to my dorm as silently as possible, I saw Taiwan she saw me "Lee!" Oh how I despised my human name, I plastered on a big fake smile and said in a cheery voice "Hello Taiwan." She looked troubled as she eyed the tattoo behind my ear, the Chinese Character for demon. Mei looked at me and said with large eyes "I-I was talking to Japan-kun and he said that China-san wanted to talk to you." I stared at her blankly. "Okay?"
"You should go talk to Yao." My full bottom lip poked out slightly and I said "I dun wanna." She rolled her eyes and gripped my wrist and I dug my heels into the ground, she knocked on her door and said "Vietnam? Can you help me please?" The emotionless nation walked out and gripped my upper arms before lifting me off the ground. "You suck!" I howled, Elizaveta opened her door only to shut it again at the sight. "Veta! Help me!" She started laughing on the other side of the door. "Screw you!" I cried as I was carried to the boys dorms. Taiwan knocked on the door labeled China and S. Korea, it was opened my Im Yong Soo. He grinned and sang "Boobies~!" And clutched my larger chest guess I have a larger chest due to the fact that I have mountains on my train. "Korea, what are you doing - aru?" My face must have been so irritated because Korea shrank away as I glared at him, Vietnam set me down and quickly walked away dragging Taiwan with her. China came to the door his hair loose from it's ponytail, his eyes widened and he stuttered "L-Lee? C-come in - aru." I pushed past him, my dark hair trailing behind me slightly.

"Taiwan said you wanted to talk to me?" Yao's face turned a pinkish color and he said "Korea, go away."
"Bu-but I wanna hear this." He said with big brown eyes. My eyes snapped to him and he said "I-I think I'll go mess with Hong Kong." China nodded and the younger nation scampered out of the room. Yao reached over and moved some of my black hair from my face and traced the tattoo on my neck, I jerked away and said "Don't even."
"I-I'm sorry for what happened so many years ago, I was angry with everything that was happening and I took it out on you and our relationship. The ink staining your skin is my fault." I stared at him in shock, was he apologizing for all the sh___lt he'd put me through in the past. I stared at him blankly, he was visibly upset. "Please say something Lee."
"Don't you dare call me that. You'll address me as Angel Island." He looked at me and mumbled "Please, Angel Island... Give me one more chance. I think I could make it better between us, please. I saw you this morning and it brought up all those old buried feelings that I had forgotten." I stared into his golden eyes, the were filled with regret and I could see the plea that filled them, he was being serious. "One, only one. If you screw up and I get hurt, your fu----k3ed for life." He smiled and said "I only need one chance." Suddenly my chest was being groped and I heard a very distinct "Da-ze~!"

~The reason that Angel Island has harsh tattoos is because the Chinese that were kept there gratified the walls with obscenities. The burns are because there was a big fire there, it scorched the land. There are reasons for her hatred of Ellis Island which you'll see in Ellis' story. Which should be soon. Thanks you guys.~

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