Hetalia Love Stories

A series of stories I will be writing. Will be many different OC's and a Hetalia countries.

Chapter 3

BarbadosXPrussia (this one is more girly than the others)

Love From A Closet

Barbados' P.O.V

I sat on my couch watching TV, my cell phone started to go off. I looked at the screen and saw that it was America "Hello?" I asked politely. "Yo! You comin' to ma party" I smiled and said "I guess I can, if you'd like me to." He cheered and said "Sweet! Totally!" I laughed softly and hung up the phone to get dressed. Riffling through my closet I found a white tank top and a nice frilly brown skirt. I pulled on some gladiator sandals and let out my waist length, slightly curly, dark brown hair. I walked out the door and skipped down the street to Alfred's house. When I got inside I found several nations sprawled out in different places, loud music was playing in the background. Italy was poking Germany who was slightly annoyed at his actions. America grinned as I entered, he announced "We're gonna play 30 minutes in heaven!" I blinked and nodded, all the others were happy. The males all put things into a hat, random objects. Alfred said "Rosalia! You go first!" I blushed and nodded, I reached in and moved my hand around slowly I pulled out a red Prussian scarf. America tied the cloth around my eyes and led me away from my spot of standing. He yanked off the blindfold, handed it to me, and shoved me in the closet. I was about to yell at him when I fell into someone's lap. I started to apologize, a deep and rather rough voice said "Well if it isn't the prettiest girl in the whole Caribbean." I looked at where the voice had come from, clearly the person I was sitting on. How on earth could he see me in the dark, if Gilbert knew who I was he could most likely see the blush on my face. I rolled my eyes and said "Oh please Prussia. Spare me the crud about beauty and your awesomeness." He didn't reply, instead he crashed his lips to mine. Gilbert's lips where soft but demanding, to place it simply, his kiss' where addicting. His hands dropped to my waist, his fingertips working a bit up my top. His thumbs traced soft patterns, his kisses were getting rougher. I finally pulled away, he started to protest but stopped when he himself was gasping deeply. I slowly tied the scarf around his neck. He smiled which was almost visible in the dark, I laughed. He instantly pulled my lips back to his own. It was hard to pull away as I said "Hey, stop. Alfred will open that door and start taunting me." I could almost see him roll his red eyes. He whined "Just a little longer Ja?" I pressed my lips to his shortly and pulled away quickly. I stood up just as Alfred opened the door. He laughed and said "Better luck next time Prussia, sorry you struck out."

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