Love Is Over Rated

Love Is Over Rated

Leila is Rose Hathaways little sister. Rose, Lissa, and Leila have a bond closer than even they know. People are scratching to capyure them for their own use. Rose and Leila are really close, noe Leila has to hunt down her sister.

Will Rose and Dimitri still end up together with Leila in the picture? What realy happened to Leila? What kind of love is devoloping? Follow Leila and Rose as they bend over backward for the ones that they love.

Chapter 1

Love is over rated (Rose Hathaway's little sister)

by: Lalapop
I do not own Vampire Academy or the characters! Only Leila.

Leiala-- Rose Hathaway's little sister

Hair- Dark brown

Eyes- chesnut brown

Chapter 1-- Love is Over rated!

My older sister escaped this prison While she left me here. So not cool.. Not that I care because when I was really little and went for a ride with the Dragomirs and Rose, well we got in a car wreck. Rose and I died and Lissa brought us back to life. The only diffrence is, I can read both Rose and Lissa. Lissa almost went insane after the whole saveing life thing.. I had to save her and Rose both..I am sure Rose will figure that out soon enough. So it's not like I havent seen my sister in a year.. She just diddnt know I could. Oh well.

When we capture Rose and Lissa, Gaurdian Belikov is going to train Rose while giving me some extra training. I love going to the gym it allows me to let out all anger I have built up. You see, me and Rose would have been in the same year if she had not ran. Yes I am a year younger but I have the skills to be in Rose's class, so why not?

" Hey, Hathaway it time to got and get your disgrace." Said Stan, I mean A*Hole Gaurdian Alto. Oops!

" Alright.." I said grabbing a leather jacket and putting it on. I pushed against the wall and glared into his eyes. " Oh and by the way, dont talk about my sister like that in front of me got it." I said giveing him a look, dareing him to say something. I am better than most of the Gaurdians here, includeing Stan. he simply nodded and put his Gaurdian mask on as I got of of him and heard chuckleing and a camera phone.. Sh

I turnned the corner to find out who had just video taped me. Who I saw did not shock me at all. Mason Ashford... " Hey mase!" I said hugging him. " Do you mind sending that to me.." I said smirking at him. Ive always had a secret crush on him but he has always had a thing for Rose so... Yeah..

He is the only one that knows I sing. He is the only one that knows my deepest and darkest secrets. " Nah, no problem." Mason said smirking at me. " So where are you sneaking off to." He said nudgeing my shoulder.

" None of your buisness. But you'll find out later. I have to go, like now, So bye and I'll be waiting for that video!" I said walking way and looking over my shoudler smileing Before I turned back around I saw him hold his thumbs up while looking down at his phone. About 2 seconds later I felt my phone vibrate and "Dirty little secret" Started playing.

I continued on my way to the front gates an felt someonewatching me. I started to slow slightly, pretending to be messing with my phone. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I grabbed it and twisted it causeing a huge man to be forced to have his arm pinned behind his back.

I then noticed it was a Gaurdian. I quickly let go of his arm and started saying I was sorry over and over again. He just chuckled at me and held his hand up as if to tell me to stop apolagizeing.

" Dimitri Belikov.. I'm guessing you'r Leila Hathaway." He said smileing slightly, holding out his hand for me to shake. He was still recovering from what had just happened.

" Yea, um, lucky guess. If you dont mind I would like to ask you something." I said shakeind his hand and looking at the ground fighting to remain professional. To tell you the truth I was pretty nervous to ask him this.. I dont know why..

He nodds his head to continue as we both turn torwards the gates. " Would you mind trying to talk Kivora into training me and Rose both.. I want to be Princess Vasilissa just as much as Rose does and, well I want both of us to be able to protect Lissa as much as we can. Considering Lissa, I mean Princess Vasilissa being the last Dragomir I know she will need more than just 2 of us." I said keeping my head forward fraid of what his answere might be.

" Of course. I would be honored to train someone as willing as you are. Althouh you'r sister I am sure will not be so willing." He said smirking. I could tell he doesnt smile much, but he was and I was glad to give him the chance.

I smiled and nodded at him as I spead up and boarded the plane. I had already trained and practiced the plan. In other words I knew this plan like the back of my hand. I have to stay behind and only leave when the call me in for back up. They were going to have to hide behind tree's to be able to sneak up on them. Considering this was my sister it was going to be hard to do.I still love my sister and I dont know how my, or her, reaction will be when I see her.

I sat in a seat waiting for us to move. Dimitri sat beside me. " You are bonded with them arent you? That is how we figured out where they were. Are they in danger?" He asked looking at me with his Gaurdian mask on altough I could see the curiousity and concern in his eyes.

" Yes, I am. Both of them. I feel every ounce of there pain and fear. Yes, also. They were in danger and I had to give up some of my energy so Rose could run and carry Lissa at the same time. Psi hounds were after them. But they werent the academy's. " I said showing no emotion once so ever. " How did you know?" I asked letting an ounce of curiousity slip through my eyes.

" I could tell because you'r eyes betray you. When you do not have you'r mask, or your sheild I can tell, on you'r eyes hold alot of emmotion." He said shrugging.

" Thats deep." I said looking at him and nodding my head. " Did you come up with that all by yourself? And, what did oyu meen 'your sheild'?" I asked sarcastically at first and then just curious at why he would compare the Gaurdian mask to a sheild.

" I can tell you use your mask as a sheild. So nobody knows what you'r really feeling. You think showing no emotion to people you dont trust is going to protect you." He said logically. My gosh, he is like yoda or something..

" OK, Gaurdian Yoda. You may be right. But I dont think you can JUST protect yourself by hideing emotions. If you show somebody you dot trust emotion they can maniplate it. Use it to there power." I siad whispering the last part with a smirk.

" I am not yoda. I am logical, but not yoda. And yes, I know I have already witnessed it." He said holding up his bruised hand with a small chuckle that caused me to laugh as well. " You know I could have easily gotten out of that if I was expecting it." He said in a defensive way.

" Yes well you are supposed to be expecting anythingand everything Mr. Belikov. I said in a teasing way as we landed.

I suddenly screamed and the gasped slightly as I was pulled into Rose's head. I felt something puncture my kneck. I looked in the corner of my eye to the one and onlt Lissa Dragomir.

" Leila! Leila!" Dimtri screamed shakeing me with a concerned and scared look on his face. We had already devoloped a brother sister kind of relationship here, so. I guess he is the protective type.

I leaned over and whispered inDimitri' ear, " Rose is letting Lissa fead off of her. She is weak this is you'r best shot. Go.". I leaned back into the window as Dimitri turned on his heal ordering people to their positions, giveing me one last concerened look he spead out of the plane and into a black car. Wow, thats original.

I waited and waited until I heard Stan's voice in the bud in my ear. " Back up!" He whisper yelled into the mike. Well sister dearest. Im comeing.

I jumped off the plane went into a sprint. etting there within 3 minutes. Rose not expecting me to be standing there nearly fell in my dierection as I caught her. I turned her around and pinned her. " Hey, Liss." I said smileing in her dierection. Atleast she seemed happy to see me. I truley did miss them. But they left me.

I fely my heart pound and my eyes fill with ters that werent shed a year ago. Rose and I used to be close. I would protect her as she would protect me but it diddnt work like that when she left with the princess so foolishly. It was then just me protecting her and draining myself while she took everything I had so selfishly. I still love her though.

I refuse to let the tears shed, thanking Jesus it was dark and no one could see my eyes. I looked over at Lissa as her and Rose were carried off. She looked at me with such pain her eyes. ANd I felt it. I felt anger and vampire saliva high from rose. Overpowering sadness and anxiety from Lissa. I felt sorry for them. I wanted to be there for them. What hurt the most was that I caused all of these strong emotions. I thenfelt reconization adn hope fly through Rose.

" Leila! " Screamed Rose flinging herself everywhere trying to get free from Dimitri's arms. You could hear the despartness in her voice. I could feel the hope, sadness, regret, and happieness flow through the bond. They have not realized they can see through my eyes, meaning that they cant until te realize it. I know it's diffrent from theirs but that is how it is.

I still stood right where I had pinned her down, just stareing at the ground with so much sorrow I wouldnt allow myself to hold a year ago. I let it flow through me as I let the tears fall. Im lucky I diddnt wear eyeliner or mascarra through this.

"Leila." I heard the framiliar voice say as they put their hand on my shoulder. " It will be OK. I know how strong you are. You dont deserve this either but now is not the time to be weak." Dimtri said sounding like he held pity for me.

I whirled around relly fast my eyes flashing with the anger I knew they held. I knew Rose and Lissa felt this because it was simply to strong for them not to feel. " i am not weak! You have no idea what i have been through! What I have to hide form everybody! What is buried so deep within my brain not even you can discover." I said furiously. My face looked blank as did my eyes, I made sure. But it was my voice you could judge b.

" I think I can, Leila. I have been through more than you know. I can help you with whatever is happening. Headmistress Kivora will help you." He said his face blank at first but then showing concern at the ened. " I know you'r not weak. You are too strong to be in fact." Dimitri said takeing my arm and leading me away.

"Im sorry." I whispered to him gently biteing my bottom lip innocently. Suddenly feeling like a little kid being caught doing something wrong. I felt pathetic. Like a disgrace to my world. I looked away from him as got my composure back. I slipped my Gaurdian mask on and showed no emotion. I just shut down, refuseing to face anything at the moment.

" Remember Leila, being strong and not faceing something are 2 diffrent things." He said smileing at me, obviously trying to get me happy again.

" I just met you and I've already broke down.. Pathetic." I said shakeing my head jokeigly and laughing as he just shook his head.

When I got on the plane Rose's head shot up and she smiled a big goofy smile. I just shook my head and smiled. " Hey sis." I said waving at her and sitting beside Lissa. " Hey Lissa." I said smiling sadly at her. " Are you guy's mad at me?" I asked preparing myself mentally for the answer I was expecting.

" Of course not! Rose and I were so happy when we saw they brought you!" She said gasping and hugging me. I then realised why i was so angrey and sad a moment ago.. I took Lissa's madness. Again!

We stayed talked and caught up laughing occasionally until Dimitri got up from his seat next to Rose and approached me and Lissa. " Do you want to see you'r sister now?" Dimitri asked gently smiling slightly. I looked at Lissa for permission. She nodded smiling, her blond hair bouncing around her face.

I nodded at him slightly giving a weak smile. He gave me an encouraging smile as I got up and he sat in my seat. I walked down the isle to my waiting sister. Once she saw it was me coming to sit next to her I felt her regret and happiness crackle like electricity around her. her face lit up like a Christmas tree as I sat next to her.

What happens? Does it go okay? Does Leila break down again? Does Rose get mad at her? Do Rose and Dimitri still end up together with Leila in the picture? Will Mason still die? What is to come with the family ties reuniting? Does Leila so on the action filled adventures with the Rose Hathaway?


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