You've Got That One Thing~ Harry Styles Love Story

You've Got That One Thing~ Harry Styles Love Story

I love Harry! This is my millionth attempt I hope you enjoy! He is mine LAY OFF! Hehohehohehohe!

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Mia Reece
Age: 15 ½
DOB: 3 June 1995
Hair: Medium length chocolate brown
Eyes: Almost black
Skin: Slightly pale
Personality: Guarded, stubborn, cheeky, funny, demanding, lovable.
Life: Lives with her mother and father.
Extra: Stunningly beautiful.

I watched out the car window as small, crystal like droplets ran down. My music blared in my ears as I tried to block out the fact that I'd left everything I cared about behind. Moving to Holmes Chapel was scary for me. I just started to love my life, but moving has ruined me. Leaving half my family, my friends, our pets and most of all Alex. She was my best friend since we were six. Moving away from her was the hardest thing I've ever done. She was always there for me when no one else was. Every time I think of her I cry. Moving at the start of the summer holidays wasn't great either. I didn't know anyone. My holidays are going to be very lonely.
"We're here." Mum whispered.
My head shot up. I saw a two story stone coloured house. It was very pretty. It was rather large and had a massive yard.
"Cool." I muttered.
"Go see your room sweetie." Dad said.
I ran in through the large double doors. Most of our stuff was already there. The kitchen was massive with a big cozy lounge room attached. I ran upstairs and found the last room. The one on the end facing our neighbors. It was rather large with a small walk in wardrobe and a little ensuite. There was furniture in there already and I began arranging it the way I want when I found a white door much like the entrance one. I opened it carefully and it revealed about ten black marble stairs. I walked up and found myself in a small room with white walls, soft carpet and a day bed window. I decided it would be my place. I ran down to get the last of my boxes.
"Did you see it?" Mum asked.
"Yeh, the last one." I muttered.
She grinned.
"Well, your books are the last of it." She said.
I did a few trips with about ten boxes of books. I set them up in my place along with my PC. After a few hours our stuff was done. I had my room finished and um and dad finished down stairs. The one thing I liked about this was that I had a new room and new furniture. I went up to my little loft and sat on the day bed thinking. Tears began rolling down my cheek as I thought of the long lonly summer ahead. Then something next door caught my eye. There were a few people outside. It looked to be around five. I could here their faint laughs.
"Mia! Come and see the backyard!" Dad called.
I sighed and ran down stairs. I came out into the yard. It was very impressive. It had a large blue pool and steaming spa. There was an outdoor deck and bike shed.
"Cool dad." I mumbled.
I wiped away the tears and sat down to pat my puppy. I heard voices next door. They were very british though one sounded irish.
"Mia!" I heard my mum call.
My head snapped around but I couldn't se her.
"Up here!"
I looked up and saw a large white balcony. Must be mum and dad's room. I gave her the thumbs up and went back to day dreaming. The voices next door were getting louder. I could hear them very well.
"Niall! Niall! Over here!"
"No here!"
"I'm your favorite!"
They sounded like a bunch of kids. I began pacing the yard and searching for any sign of fun. Then I found a huge long ladder. It led to the roof for the satelite. I made sure mum and dad weren't there and I climbed up. I was shaking and my hands were slipping but I kept going. I finally reached the roof. It wasn't very slanted and easy to stand on. I sat in the light rain and stared onto the street. A lump formed in my throat and I began to cry. It hurt a lot. To leave what I left. I buried my head in my hands, balling my eyes out. When I couldn't crey any onger I wiped away the tears and looked over next door. There was definitely five of them. They all looked fairly attractive. I became very sleepy and decided to go to bed. I climbed down the lader and to my room. I was soon fast asleep in my big bed.

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