You've Got That One Thing~ Harry Styles Love Story

You've Got That One Thing~ Harry Styles Love Story

I love Harry! This is my millionth attempt I hope you enjoy! He is mine LAY OFF! Hehohehohehohe!

Chapter 2

Working Now

by: Stylinson
I woke up miserably and dragged myself out of bed. I heard Mum and Dad. They were already awake. I went down and saw them ready.
“Morning love!” Dad said.
I smiled weakly.
“We have to work overnight, but that’ll be okay because you have a job.” Mum stated.
I glared at her with a dry piece of toast.
“I got you a job at the café down the road.”
I rolled my eyes. After a few minutes Mum and Dad left and I had to get ready for work. I wore this: I put on my bright red lipstick before leaving. I clipped on my helmet and climbed on my Vespa. I saw next door coming out. They looked in my direction and I zoomed off. I soon arrived outside the café. It was really nice, kind of vintage. ( I walked in and introduced myself to the woman at the counter. She knew who I was instantly and gave me an apron.
“Okay darl, get behind the counter.” She said.
I obeyed and stood there quietly. Soon an older man walked up.
“Hello love, could I have a coffee cake and espresso.” He ordered.
I nodded and scribbled it down. I plated the cake and began on the coffee. I poured the milk in slowly and made a funny pattern in the foam. I took it straight to his table and went back to take more orders.
I checked the clock for the millionth time, begging for my shift to be over. I had only five minutes left. I took one more coffee to a table and began taking off my apron. Just as I thought I was off the hook Miranda came through.
“Mia, sorry honey, could you just take that last order?”
“Sure.” I muttered.
I watched through the small glass window in the staff room door and watched five hooded and shaded people walk in. I tied to apron back up and stalked to their table. They looked up at me and froze. I could sort of see through their disguises. They were rather attractive.
“Ah, can I take your order?” I asked.
The one that sat in the middle of the semi-circle booth spoke.
“Yes, what do we want boys?” He asked.
He had a strange british accent.
“I’ll just have a tea, one sugar.” He ordered.
“Iced tea.”
“Hot chocolate.”
I quirked an eyebrow at the last boy. His curly hair was sticking out from under his hood. He took off his sunnies and looked up at me with his bright blue-green eyes.
“Tea.” He said simply.
I scribbled down and went back to the counter. I made all the drinks easily and returned with a tray. They beamed at me. They all had their shades off and hoods down. They were very attractive. I put the drinks down and the bill after.
“Have a nice afternoon.” I mumbled.
They watched me leave. I took off my apron for the millionth time and got went back out to my Vespa. I rode home quietly, thinking about the strange encounter.

(A/N: Hey! I know it's short, but sorry. I re-read this and really want to continue! Continue! :D P.S. Random Points From Harry:

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