The Fantastic Five

This is a fantastic four fic with and extra charecter! Charlotte Grimm is the younger sister to Ben Grimm. She´s feisty, sarcastic, and could give Johnny a run for his money. This is the story of how she joins them on their space mission and puts her own twist to the story we all know and love!

Enjoy! Please comment because if you do I will send you a vertual cookie. A chocolate chip one! You know you want it! So please comment and review. Maybe even favorite? Your choice? Please? :)

Chapter 1

General Grimm

Hi, I´m General Charlotte Grimm. My brother is Ben Grimm. He doesn´t know Iḿ in the Military though. He would flip out if he knew. My brother´s best friend is Reed Richards and he has always been like a second brother to me. Sue Storm is like my sister and I was gutted when she and Reed broke up. Johnny Storm, where do I start. First, me and Johnny were great friends, always getting in trouble together when we were younger. Then, when he was eighteen and I was seventeen, we started dating. We went strong for about a year but, then I walked in on him with another girl. Safe to say, it ended there. Now, five years later, I have to see him again and it´s safe to say that I still hate him. I joined the Military after he left but, I tols the others that I was just going off to a boarding school. Well, about a week ago, my commanding officer comes to me and tells me that he wants me to go on a space mission with Von Doom. Basically I was going to make sure everything ran smoothly and if it got out of hand, kick some butt. So, now, I am waiting by the door, to see who realizes I´m there first. Either that or find the right moment for me to make myself known. "I can handle this ship. I can even handle Mr. Blond Ambition. But I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits." I heard my brother complain. I just rolled my eyes. "I mean, who the hell came up with these?" He asked. "Victor did." Replied sue as she entered from the other door. "The synthetics act as a second skin, adapting to your body's individual needs." She explained and I nodded in understanding, even though they couldn´t see me. "See, now that means it keeps the hot stuff hot and it keeps the cool stuff cool," Commented Johnny, Sue had obviously clued him in earlier. "So, whoś here to stop me hitting him? Besides you?" Ben asked Sue, pointing at Johnny. "Victor has actually hired a Military official to make sure things run smoothly. The best there is apparently." Sue told them all and I smiled slightly at the description. "Who?" Asked Ben. "I have no idea." Sue replied. "I hate Military people. Theyŕe all a bunch of jerks." Said Ben and I took that as my moment to enter. "Well, thanks for that big bro." I said as I walked in. Everyone spun around to look at me with stunned expressions. "Hi." I said simply with a smile. "Charlotte?" Ben asks as he stands up, walking over to me to make sure it was me. "Hey Benji." I replied, still smiling at the looks on their faces. "Your the Military official?" Sue asks and I just nodded. "Well, it´s good to see you." She replied, walking over with a warm smile and hugging me. "You too." I said as we parted. Ben then came up and hugged me, though he still looked shocked. I then turned to Reed who smiled warmly at me and got up to give me a hug. When we broke apart I looked over at Johnny, who was still staring at me with a stunned expression. "Cḿon, I´l take you to get changed." Sue said, linking one of my arms with hers. I turned away from Johnny and smiled at her. We started to walk away when Johnny broke out of his trance. "Wait!" He shouted after us and we stopped. I didn´t turn around though so, he just continued. "When did you join the Military?" He asked and I didn´t turn around when I answered him. "When you left." And with that I walked down the hall with Sue.


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