Deleting People

I'm not entirely sure if all of my grammar is correct; please excuse me if it is not, because I just did math with my dad, and doing math at night is not really something that makes me feel any sharper afterward. I do not like SAT math. I am also not exactly too intelligent. You should see all the mistakes I make. And to think math is one of my best subjects at school! You wouldn't know. Anyways, I'm rambling off-subject, so I'll stop now.

Chapter 1

Deleting People

Okay, so I have a lot of people on my Friends list, the majority of who I do not speak to. I don't even read all the stories. I used to try to make an effort, but there are too many people. So unless I really like your stories or I talk to you a lot or something, I will delete you from my list. No offense to anyone, but I have to do this. I haven't been on for a while. I think it's been a couple of months. And then I had over 800 messages, probably almost 900. I couldn't read any of them, except, like, 2. Also, I have other things to do.coughTumblrandYouTubecoughSo if you don't want me to delete you, it'd be great if you commented. I know most people won't care, because I'm kind of a nobody on here. I don't do much, and I don't think people notice me. I'm just there. So, yeah, if you bothered to look at this and read this, please tell me within, I don't know, maybe a week? That'd be great. Thanks.

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