I Wish~ A Liam Payne Love Story

I Wish~ A Liam Payne Love Story

Hey! I'm totally bored and want to do something so here we go!

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Ella-Lee Nikola
Nickname: Ella
Age: 16
Hair: Long wavy brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Pale
Height: 5' 3"
Talent: Singing
Personality: Funny, sarcastic, lovable, guarded, smart
Life: Lives with mother, father and brother. Her mother and brother drink a lot. Her father cares most for her. She wants to leave her mother and brother.

I cranked the music louder and louder on my ipod. I could still hear the screaming and yelling. Why couldn't dad just take me away from here? I quickly grabbed the nearest bag and stuffed in my ipod, purse and keys before running out the back door. I ran along the side of my house and jumped the locked gate. Once on the street I felt better. I searched through the little shops. A lot of them were closed. I found a little cafe that was open. I pushed the door open an heard the little bell tinkle. The aroma of tea and coffee filled my nose. It reinded me of my grandma's. I went to the small brown counter and waited for the young boy to take my order.
"One iced coffee please." I said.
He looked up at me flirtily. He was no where near attractive. He had huge red pimples and big merky green eyes with nvery pale skin and flaming orange hair. I walked away and sat in the furthest booth and cranked up my ipod. Volume up, world gone. A few minutes later someone tapped on my shoulder. The boy with my drink.
"Thanks." I said, grabbing the glass.
"So, what are you doing tonight?" He asked, his voice obviously at the worst stage of breaking.
"Nothing with you." I muttered.
He was about to speak again when a boy wth thick shades on and a red hoodie came over.
"Don't bother." The hoodie boy said. "You should leave."
The scrawny waiter grimaced at the boy and left the table.
"Do you mind?" Hoodie boy asked, guesturing to the seat across from me.
"Sure." I muttered.
He grabbed my ipod and looked at the song.
"You know. People say you can tell a lot about a girl from what she listen's to." He stated.
"What can you tell about me?" I asked.
"Moment 4 Life, Nicki Minaj. Well your sarcastic, funny and bubbly but not the happiest in the world." He said.
I turned off my ipod and sat it down.
"That was very accurate." I muttered.
"May I?" He quizzed.
I handed him my ipod. He was searching for a song. He must've found it because he held it up to my face.
"Do you like this band?" He asked.
"One Direction. Meh. They're okay I guess. I don't listen to the though, my friend put that on." I said.
"What do you think of them?" He asked.
"Well, they are pretty good, on X Factor and suprising they actually have talent. They look and seem really young though and a lot of people at my school say they're gay. I don't know."
He looked amused.
"Can I trust you with a secret?" He asked.
He pulled down his hoodie revealing messy, wavy sandy brown hair. Then he took off his sunnies and I saw the most beautiful brown eyes. He couldn't be... I grabbed my ipod and held up the picture of One Direction.
"I am SO sorry." I said.
He laughed.
"Don't worry about it!"
"For the record. I don't think you are gay!" I exclaimed.
He laughed.
"Nothing of it."
"Where are the rest of the band?" I asked, flipping my fringe away.
He laughed.
I looked at the door and saw four very attractive boys enter. They were all laughing and joking around. All very cute.
"Guys!" Liam called.
They walked over an stood infront of the booth. I slid over and allowed them in.
"I'm Ella." I smiled, shaking their hands.
"Liam! Naughty, naughty." Louis scolded.
They began nudging Liam and teasing him about something, I didn't pay attention.
"We just got away!" Zayn exclaimed.
"How bad are they?" Liam asked.
"Very, we have to get out of here." Niall said.
I looked skeptical.
"What?" I asked.
"The fans." Louis hissed.
I giggled.
"Well, you could go out the back entrance." I stated.
They looked intreged.
"How so?" Harry asked.
"Well, you would have to go down there, like you're going to the bathroom, then if the screen door isn't locked you could go through without being seen by fans." I explained.
They nodded enthusistically.
"Let's go!" Louis said.
"Okay bye." I muttered.
"You're coming." Liam said.
I looked up confused.
"Come hang out. We don't bite." Niall promised.
"Well, I'll do anything to get away from my family." I said.
I led the way through the back corridor. We passed the kitchen and toilets before coming to the dirty screen door. Louis tried to open it but failed.
"Locked." He muttered.
"Let me." Zayn said.
He walked up passed me and swiped a bobby pin from my hair. My long hair fell forward and covered my face. I flicked it back.
"Thanks Zayn."
He laughed. He fiddled with the lock for a moment then threw the door open.
"Wow." Louis said, steping through.
"You're a little too good at that." I said suspiciously.
He winked. We waked down through the backstreets. It was a while before someone showed any sign of being there. Liam was the first to speak of it.
"Okay, the apartment is through here. On the main street..." He trailed off, biting his lip.
"Well, hoodies up, glasses on and don't speak in your accents." I said.
They nodded and followed my orders. We made our way to the mainstreet. Cars flew passed and bickering children were heard loud and clear. We made our way through the crossing and came to he huge white building. We walk into the fancy lobby and make our way up to the second highest floor. Liam flicks the key in his hand and lets us in. The suite was very pretty. I walked in and saw a young girl sitting on the couch.
"Liam!" She shreeks.
She hugs him tightly and kisses him hard. I quirked an eyebrow and look towards Niall. He puts his hands in the shape of a heart. She must be his girlfriend. She was gorgeous. She finally lets go of Liam and gives me a weird look.
"I'm Danielle, you?" She asked.
"Ella." I say, shaking her hand.
We go over and place ourselves on the couch. We just talked for a while and played a video game. It was fun being with them. They were nice and very welcoming.


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