Secret (A Darren Criss Love Story with Starkid and some Glee)

I basically got this idea at 1 in the morning the day after Christmas when I couldn't sleep because I was sick. So, sorry if I'm actually delirious and it actually sucks royal Hippogriff.
Name: Ella Jones
Age: 24
Appearance: 5'3, slim, muscular, auburn hair, brown eyes
Personality: Random and sarcastic, but nice and loyal. Absolutely HATES lying.
And then there is Darren Criss, who you already know about.
I will probably alternate POV's
This takes place next summer
Thanks :)

Chapter 1

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

by: hcsmith
I was exhausted. Not exactly the best thing to be when driving from LA to Chicago by yourself. Why couldn't I just be there already? Then I could just crash on the couch at the Manor, a place that always seemed infinitely more comfortable than my mattress at my apartment and sleep, something I never seemed to do in LA. I sighed. I would have to stop and get a Redbull before I fell asleep while driving. Redbull. Which was typically located at gas stations and grocery stores. Where there might be fans. Don't get me wrong, I love my fans. Absolutely adore them. Without them, I would be nothing. But, there comes a point where you just want to curl up and say "Fvck the world", and I had reached that point about an hour and a half ago, while stuck behind an old lady going 30 miles an hour on a road with a speed limit of 60, who flipped me off every time I came up to try to pass her. When you reach that point, you really, really, really don't want to sign any more autographs.
I pulled into the Mobil station. There was no point in delaying and it would really suck if I fell asleep.
Parking my car, I yanked on my beanie and stumbled into the gross looking store. There weren't many people there, and I made a beeline for the row of refrigerators along the back wall, keeping my head down. Swiftly grabbing 2 Redbulls (Holden would be so proud when he found out), I swung towards the register, still looking down, which is probably why I didn't see her until we collided. My Redbull and everything that she was carrying flew everywhere. We both landed on out' looking bemusedly at each other.
"Shiit" I said
"That appears to be a correct statement" she replied, grinning and standing up. She was short, shorter than me, but not as short as Lauren. She had red hair and deep, expressive dark brown eyes.
"Need some help?" she asked, offering a hand. I grabbed it and she helped pull me to my feet. She was strong, especially for a girl her size. We walked around, gathering our spilled items. She had been carrying a bottle of apple juice. I grinned.
"Apple juice, man. Fvcking delicious." I said.
She laughed. "You just seem to be full of correct statements today. I'm Ella, by the way."
"I'm Darren."
"Hi Darren. You look horrible."
"Hi Ella. I'm aware."
"I'm not sure if 2 Redbulls is going to do it."
"But 2 Redbulls and a sparkly unicorn might." Whoa. What just came out of my mouth? I did not tell that thought to transform into words. I need that Redbull. Now.
Thankfully, she laughed again. "Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of sparkly unicorns here. Oh! Wait!"
I watched in curiosity as she dug around in her bag, finally pulling out a silver glitter pen. She grabbed my arm and scrawled a unicorn on it. Once she finished, she dropped the pen back in her bag, looking very satisfied with herself. I cracked up.
"Thank you, Ella. Now I think that I may be able to survive the long ride to Chicago."
"Oh! I'm going to Chicago too! I'm moving there."
"Maybe we'll see each other."
"Maybe...or not maybe. Maybe definitely." I looked at her in confusion. Ouch. My sleep-hungry brain hurt. She grabbed my arm again, this time pulling a black sharpie out of her bag. She scribbled a number under the unicorn. I grabbed the sharpie from her, finally comprehending what she meant. I scrawled my name and number across her pale arm.
We grabbed our things and made our way to the register, chatting about nothing. The check out person, a sketchy guy whose name tag read "Shifty", gave us the evil eye as we walked out and to our separate cars. She drove an old red Chevy Tahoe. As I unlocked my car, a thought occurred to me. She hadn't seemed to recognize me. Too tired for subtlety, I turned and yelled across the parking lot.
"HEY ELLA! Do I look familiar to you?"
"HEY DARREN! Nope. Should you? And also, platypuses."
"No, no I shouldn't, just wondering. And also, squirrels."
"You can't expect me to come up with something cooler than a platypus!"
"Fair enough. See ya!"
I got into my car, filled with a strange happiness. She had treated me...normally. Like she had no idea about Glee or Starkid or anything else. I shouldn't have been happy about this, but I was, and I couldn't quite explain why.
I chugged the Redbulls and began to drive.
A few hours later, I pulled into the driveway of Starkid Manor. Too tired to think, I fumbled with the car door, finally pulling it open. My friends had spilled out into the driveway when they had seen my car, but I ignored them and looked through the doorway. In the living room, barely visible from the driveway, was the couch.
I still have no idea how I managed to force myself to walk over to it and lie down.
A/N-Just a quick FYI, there is an actual guy named Shifty who works at a Mobil down the street from my school.

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