Secret (A Darren Criss Love Story with Starkid and some Glee)

I basically got this idea at 1 in the morning the day after Christmas when I couldn't sleep because I was sick. So, sorry if I'm actually delirious and it actually sucks royal Hippogriff.
Name: Ella Jones
Age: 24
Appearance: 5'3, slim, muscular, auburn hair, brown eyes
Personality: Random and sarcastic, but nice and loyal. Absolutely HATES lying.
And then there is Darren Criss, who you already know about.
I will probably alternate POV's
This takes place next summer
Thanks :)

Chapter 3

The First Kiss

by: hcsmith
We came to the door of her apartment. Ella fumbled with the keys, finally managing to open the door.
"Make yourself comfortable, I'm just going to get the movie." she called over her shoulder, jogging down the hallway.
"Kay" I called back, plopping down on the comfortable couch. Moments later, Ella emerged from what I assumed to be her bedroom, holding Tangled victoriously above her head. I gave her a round of applause. She knelt in front of the dvd player, feeding the disc into it, and then threw herself onto the couch next to me.
We watched the movie, singing along to all of the songs and laughing often. Over the course of the movie, we had inched closer and closer to each other, until our legs were pressed against each other.
It was the end of Tangled, where Rapunzel went home and met her parents for the first time since she was taken. I turned to Ella to make some remark, but stopped when I saw a tear sliding down her cheek.
"Are you crying?" I blurted. Stupid, stupid, stupid, now she thinks you're an insensitive as.shole
"No." she replied fiercly. I raised my eyebrow. "Well...maybe. But its just so happy! She finally gets to see her parents again! But its so sad too, because all of that time with them was stolen and they will never get it back and she just came home which makes it happy too and-"
I couldn't help it.
I kissed her.

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