Secret (A Darren Criss Love Story with Starkid and some Glee)

I basically got this idea at 1 in the morning the day after Christmas when I couldn't sleep because I was sick. So, sorry if I'm actually delirious and it actually sucks royal Hippogriff.
Name: Ella Jones
Age: 24
Appearance: 5'3, slim, muscular, auburn hair, brown eyes
Personality: Random and sarcastic, but nice and loyal. Absolutely HATES lying.
And then there is Darren Criss, who you already know about.
I will probably alternate POV's
This takes place next summer
Thanks :)

Chapter 5

Luck and Guilt

by: hcsmith
I was already in my car by the time Joey picked up the phone.
"Hey, buddy!"
"Joey you have my girlfriend."
"What I am about to say is more important than redvines."
"Go somewhere private."
"Um, ok, hang on...ok I'm in the kitchen."
"How do you know about Ella?"
"Joey, she's my girlfriend."
"What? But..."
"Joey I even showed you a picture."
"Yeah. I'm coming right now. She can know that you're my roommate, but just don't let her know that we are more than acquaintances with the others."
"Ok. I can do that."
"Have the others realized yet?"
"Judging by the looks on their faces, yes."
"Ok. I'm here. Don't panic."
"No. I'm an actor. I can do this."
"Fvck yes you can. And if you can't, I'm blaming you, because I love her and she would be pissed."
"Ok. Don't mess up. Got it."
I flew to the door, reminding myself to ring the doorbell of the house where I practically lived.
Joey opened the door. "Darren! What are you doing here?"
"Joey! I'm here for my girlfriend!"
"Do you mean Ella? Really? What a coincidence!
"I never would have expected this!"
Ella came around the corner. "Darren! Do you know Joey?"
"We're roommates!"
"No fvcking way! Thats so cool!"
"I know!"
Lauren came around the corner and I breathed a sigh of relief. As crazy as Lauren was, she would keep her cool and say the right thing.
"Hi! You must be Darren! You look so familiar! Wait...don't tell me. You're Joey's roommate, aren't you? What a small world!"
"Isn't it just?"
"It was nice meeting you, Ella!"
"You too! Bye!"
Ella skipped to the car, pulling me by the hand. She hopped into the passenger seat and immediately began fiddling with the radio.
"So, you got a job? That'r great!"
"I know! I'm so excited!"
"Who's it for?"
"Some singer named Charlene Kaye. I'm dancing backup for her music video, with some background singing. And if she likes me, she'll keep me for more videos!"
Great. Just fvcking perfect.
"Thats great! Perfect! When do you start?"
Ok. I can do this. I can just call Charlene tonight and warn her.
I can do this.
After dinner and a close call where Ella wanted to look Charlene up on YouTube, I headed home to my apartment. I opened the door.
"Dude, you're screwed." commented Joey from a puddle of Starkids on the floor. At a quick glance I saw Lauren, Brian, Walker, Julia and Jaime.
I groaned and collapsed against the wall, sliding down and resting my head on my knees.
"She's dancing for Charlene."
Walker whistled. "That means that you have officially passed the border from 'screwed' to 'royally fvcked'."
"I know. And I feel so guilty but its so nice to have her not know about any of it."
"Do you love her?" asked Julia
"Yes! More than I've ever loved a girlfriend before!"
"And does she love you?"
"Then wouldn't she accept you if you told her the truth?"
"I don't know! Ella has this...this thing with lying. She has never told anything less than the absolute truth in her whole life. She hates lying and everything to do with it."
"Dude. Seriously, try to get yourself into a harder situation." said Brian dryly.
"Shut up, B-Ho."
"I have a NAME and it is BRIAN. DANIEL. HOLDEN."
"Whatever, B-Ho."said Lauren. Brian opened his mouth to argue and Lauren swiftly cut him off. "Ok, Darren, this is your choice to make. We can help you, but she is going to find out at some point."
I looked up at her in gratitude. "Thanks, Lolo."
"No problem. You would do the same."
That night, in my bed, I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking of Ella, of how beautiful and smart and funny and kind she was. She doesn't deserve this web of lying. But what can I do? By now, she would hate me if I told the truth, and I can't lose her love. I had texted Charlene earlier. She was surprised and a little angry at me, but she had agreed to keep the secret, so I knew Ella was safe there, but what about the rest of the world? Ella doesn't deserve the lies, but she doesn't deserve the stress the truth will bring, either. And she would have it worse than me. The cameras, the media inventing scandals, the constant lack of privacy. And the fangirls...they would hate her guts. I had had a taste of that with Mia, and even Julia, though we never dated, had been exposed to some of it because of some pictures that they found of us dancing and drinking together. She didn't deserve that.
I couldn't go either way without hurting Ella. What the fvck am I supposed to do now?

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