your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

Name : kiyo atamaki
Age :13 years old
Birthday :may 24
Surviving Relatives :twin brother (kito atamaki), cousin (ichago)
Story : you were so sweet and were loved by everyone in the hidden cloud day your cousin attacked the village to the point where no one was don't know where your brother is or where yourcousin is.sense age six you've been alone and feared by the world because of the demon sealed inside you from birth!

Chapter 3

....why is he here? ......what does he want....

by: _Terbear_
kiyo's. P.O.V.

I looked up to see an enemy I haven't seen in a was ichigo."hey ki ki long time are things? ."I just stared at him "aww you still mad over my little ACCIDENT a couple years ago? Well it wasn't so much an accident but hey I couldnt say."

I smirked then stared up at him "well isn't this a pleasant reunion! "
He frowned.

I felt fear vibrating through my body.I was scared even though I didn't show it.he starred at me evilly. I can't stop my heart from rapidly beating. I could tell he felt my fear,hate,and pain.and his eyes....his eyes is the most intimidating thing about him.I had an opportunity to turn my fear into force.

I quickly grabbed my shirukens and thrown it at him.a smile played on his face as he whispered "foolish ".he froze the shiruken just by glaring at it.neji starred in shock."impossible! "He shouted."well if I just did it, then it's possible my friend ,duh "

I glared at him while he laughed. He was so annoying but hes dangerous."...hump! "

"Don't worry old friend I'm not here to fight,I'm here to warn you and remind you to train so you could take REVENGE on me.I doubt that will happen any time soon.ha ha ha.see ya."he then threw a knife near me.I got out of the way.then I looked up to see he's gone.

neji's p.o.v

Who was that? Was that her rival she spoke of.the one they call ichigo.back when we where team mates she used to tell me everything. She never kept a secret from me.she told all about her past and how badly things turned out.

I looked at kiyo as she just stood there crunching her fist tightly.her body was shaking in fear.she took deep breaths and turned facing me with a in smile on her face.I looked at her and smiled in return.she was really strong.she set her sights on ten ten and traveled her eyes to rock lee.then back at me.

"You have some weird team mates on your hands "she smiled very warmly.
"So who are you? You seem youthful"rock lee asked.I could tell he was very curious about her.

"Oh yah,The names Kiyo Atamaki. I was neji's old training partner "
I looked at ten ten who seemed a litttle bothered by kiyo.I don't know what's her deal but ill find out later.

I looked at kiyo who probably already noticed.she looked hurt.

*kiyo's point of view *
I was happy to see the only friend iv ever had but his team mate didn't seem to want me there.neji didn't look so thrilled either.I didn't want to cry so I decided to leave "umm .."I tried keep my voice from cracking "I'm gonnna get going...s-see you later neji "I said running off.well today was a fun day.

I was pushing back my tears trying not to cry.there was no reason to cry but I just I was an best only friend ......didn't feel comfortable talking to me with ten ten around.she acted like I didn't belong there.

I stopped in a familiar area.I sat on the stone I usually seat on when I'm sad.which is about every day.I was constantly wiping my face string not to made me weak.I covered my face with my hands trying to calm down.

"Are you ok? "
I slowly looked up to see gaara looking down at me.he looked slightly worried.I starred up at him.

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