If you're confused please read, or you can read it your not confused too. I don't mind :)


Chapter 1

Okay so this is what's been going on for the last two weeks...

I am facepalming like crazy right now. I am such an idiot! Gahh...

Two weeks ago I jumped on a plane for New Zealand with my family. We were going to visit some of my mum's or dad's friends- I forget which now- and me being the foolish fool that I am: FORGOT TO TELL QUIBBLO THAT I WAS LEAVING!
And we didn't have any internet connection, which sucks... -_-

I'm sorry if I didn't reply to your comments. I'm sorry if I didn't send you any messages. I'm sorry if you sent me a FR and it's still sitting in my inbox. I'm sorry if you replied to my comments and then I seemed to ignore it. I'm sorry that I'm so confused about everything that's going on now, because I was away for so long. And I'm so sorry if I didn't read/comment on the stories and quizzes that I would normally bring to my attention.

Okay I think that's everything. Feel free to berate me further if I forgot something... :P

~ Dom


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