A group story with Quizgirl912! She's an amazing writer, please check her stories out.

What happens when two girls meet and become friends, one being human, and the other...

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Chapter 1

The Start Of Their Friendship

June the 23th, 1767

Jane Ryder hummed happily, finally free. Or well, for the moment, at least. It wouldn't be long until her father would go looking for her.
She stopped by a deep, beautiful lake. Its water was dark, yet it had something refreshing and mysterious about it. It tempted the eight-year-old girl on, and she giggled as she neared the edge, not paying attention to her mud-smudged edges of her neat dress.
The young girl sat down, again, without a second thought, and started stroking the water. "I wish I lived in there, like the mermaids Nanny talks about," Jane mused, a regretful expression on here face, "all free, and without bounds."
Maybe it was just Jane's imagination, but she thought she heard a soft bubbling answer, reassuring her. Jane took a deep breath. "But it must be cold down there, especially in winter. I used to play with Charlotte, you see, but then father forbid it, because she lived in the village. It was always cold there, like the lake, I guess. He said she was a bad influence, and that she would make me feel sick. I didn't see her, after that..." Jane faltered.
Again, there seemed to be a bubbling noise, and Jane peeked at the water. "Are you there?" she exclaimed, "are there mermaids, after all?"
There was a loud burst, and a girl that looked just about Jane Ryder's age rose from the water. "I'm here!" she whispered.
Jane looked, fascinated at the creature. Her hair was long, and seemed dark black, though there was a watery edge to it that Jane couldn't quite fathom. Her eyes were as deep and blue as the lake, and her lips redder and more beautiful than anything Jane'd ever seen. Except her mother's dress, maybe...
The girl's skin was pale, with a slight greenish-blue tinge to it that was barely noticable, but Jane had always been good at percepting colors. She wore a blue dress, that seemed to have a flowing current to it, as if it was made of woven water. There was no denying that the girl was extremely beautiful, as Jane thought. But then again, she didn't know much about prettiness. She was only eight, as her father often snapped.
"Who are you?" the Ryder girl asked timidly.
The girl sat down next to Jane, and tilted her head slightly. "Call me Shaila," she whispered, her voice containing something as bubbling as the water, and friendly as a brook. It sounded beautiful, and comforting. Jane felt at home immedietly. Whatever home was to her.
"I'm Jane Ryder, why were you in the river?" Jane demanded.
Shaila frowned slightly. "I live there."
"So you're a mermaid?" the human asked, curiosity lighting up her freckled face.
"No, not a mermaid! Not- those giggly- ugh, no! I'm a naiad."
Jane had never heard of such a creature, but shrugged it off, and tossed her curly ginger hair aside -it was more like light brown, really, as her father always insisted, ashamed at the color. And it was supposed to be in a braid, due to it's wildness, but her father wasn't here, now, was he?- and extended her hand.
"We'll be friends, then?" Jane asked firmly.
Shaila smiled, delighted. "I'd be honored."

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