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What happens when two girls meet and become friends, one being human, and the other...

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Chapter 2

Eight Years Later

Shaila stood in the ankle-deep water, waiting for Jane to come. She was never late, and Shaila had some particularly terrible news that she simply had to tell her.
Her Aunt Glenda had just come to visit her the past evening. She had been taking care of Shaila since her mother had died, which had been a long time ago.
"Shaila," the woman said to her niece gently, "I have been thinking for a while about your future and..." Glenda gently stroked Shaila's braided hair. "And I believe I have found you a perfect suitor."
At this, Shaila had been taken aback. She quicked spun around to face her aunt. Surely she hadn't just given her away like that, without even consulting the one she was giving away first?
Unfortunately, it was so. "You'll be married off to a fine young gentleman. He's rich, and handsome, too," her aunt said dreamily.
"When will I meet him?" Shaila asked.
"Oh, I'd say on December 17th," Glenda said. "That's the day you'll be getting married."
Shaila was still in shock. Her aunt had told her she would be marrying a rich man, who was a total stranger, and that she wouldn't be meeting him until she was being married to him. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she sank underneath the water, desperately wanting Jane to come by to comfort her. Shaila waited all day, but Jane didn't come. She sighed and tried to devise a plan. And that was exactly what she did. In a flash, she quickly ran up out of the water, and, for the first time she could remember, she traveled the path that Jane took home every day. She remembered all of the directions Jane had told her, when Jane had once thought that Shaila would visit her someday. And now Shaila was doing one of the craziest things she had ever done. She knew that she would seem a bit odd, a beautiful young girl walking towards the house of a rich family at that odd hour, but she knew she must see Jane. She was her only friend, and the only person she could speak to at the moment.
Shaila walked up to the Ryder household and knocked on the door. She gulped as a... tall, and very handsome man opened the door. Shaila figured that he was Jane's older brother, who she mentioned a few times before. The man eyed her a bit at first.
"We don't give to charity," the man said, beginning to close the door.
"Oh, no!" Shaila said, and the man stopped the door mid-way. "I... I'm just here to speak with Jane."
"Very well then," the man sighed. He escorted Shaila up the grand staircase, and led her up to a large door, which he knocked on. "Jane?" he asked. "You have a visitor."
"Send them in," came Jane's distraught voice. Shaila curtsied to Jane's brother, and entered Jane's room. Jane looked up and seemed surprised at Shaila's presence.
"What are you doing here!?" she asked.
"Oh, Jane!" Shaila said, beginning to weep. "I was waiting for you all day, but you didn't come and... And I have such terrible news!"
Jane pointed to the chair beside her bed. "Sit," she commanded. Shaila obeyed. "Now, what is your terrible news?"
"Jane, my aunt... she's decided to marry me off to a man whom I haven't even met!"
"Who?" Jane asked, her eyes wide.
"I don't know, she neglected to tell me! She's only revealed that he is rich and handsome and that I'm not to meet him until my wedding day!"
Jane was upset, obviously. "Such atrocious news! And... I have received nearly the same on my part... The only difference is that I know the man and... he is so stuck-up and terrible and... I can only imagine that the same is for you!"
Shaila sat next to her friend, and they hugged each other. "I'd best be getting back," Shaila concluded, walking towards the door. "Please, come visit me tomorrow, and then we can speak more on this subject."
Shaila left, leaving Jane's brother perhaps the most confused. For, as much as he could tell, the girl who had just spoken with his sister matched the description of the girl whom he was going to marry.

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