A group story with Quizgirl912! She's an amazing writer, please check her stories out.

What happens when two girls meet and become friends, one being human, and the other...

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P.S. I made the cover myself, teehee! If anyone needs a cover, well, I'd love to make it... :D

Chapter 28

Jane's Marriage

Shaila sighed as her friend nervously twisted her bouquet in her hands. She placed her hands on her friend's.
"Don't," she whispered. "You'll kill them."
Jane looked around quickly, and stopped. "Sorry," she muttered.
The music began. Shaila shook Jane's hand quickly and walked away, back to where William was seated. "Is she nervous?" William whispered. Shaila nodded, and he sighed. "Figures."
Lord Stuart stood at the altar. Jane stood in the back of the church. The music reached a loud note, and Jane began walking. When she reached Stuart, the music ended, and the priest began. The ceremonies passed without any interruption, and finally, the time came.
Jane smiled as she said the words that bonded her to Lord Stuart. "If anyone has reason these two should not be wed," the priest said, "speak now or forever hold your peace."
Shaila waited to hear Mr. Ryder yell, "I OBJECT!" but he didn't. And they were wed.
William smiled and held her hand. "The end... or is it just the beginning?"
Shaila smiled. "No," she said. "It's just the end."

As Shaila has said,


As William has said,

Just the beginning...

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