A group story with Quizgirl912! She's an amazing writer, please check her stories out.

What happens when two girls meet and become friends, one being human, and the other...

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Chapter 3

Locked In

Jane Ryder sobbed. Not only was she getting married to that horrible man, she also learned her best friend would marry a total stranger. And Jane was not a dumb girl, she knew what this meant.
No more Shaila.
"Can I come in?" a smooth voice asked. Jane threw the door a disgusted look. "Go away!" she said shrilly.
"That's not the way you are supposed to talk to your fiancee, Jane. Open up."
Jane shivered, but moved to the door, and opened it. The older man, by certainly four years, if not more, stood in front of her, smirking smugly. Yes, he was handsome, and yes, he was rich, but he had the manners and character of a pig.
"Mr. Smith," Jane mumbled.
"Miss. Ryder," Smith responded mockingly. Jane shivered, and turned her back to him, but he turned her around. "You've grown, Jane. Into a beautiful woman, I might add."
Jane scoffed. "Let us please refrain from lies, Mr. Smith. We both know you're marrying me for fortune only."
Smith eyed her, a small smile on his face. "The angrier you are, the more becoming you get."
"Leave now, before I call my father and tell you about your inappropriate conduct," Jane said coldly.
"What conduct, dearest Jane?" Smith whispered, lifting a strand of her hair; "after all, your father could care less about what we're doing here."
Jane flushed, and backed away. "I will call William, then," she warned.
Smith's face darkened at the mention of her older brother. "Do not, Jane. I warn you."
The girl took a deep breath. "Then let go of me, I order you!"
Her fiancee's eyes darkened even more, and he shut the door firmly, grabbing her arm and pushing her against the wall. Jane's eyes flitted around the room in panic. "Please, Edmund, don't!"
"Oh, so it's Edmund now?" he mocked her.
Jane nodded, and gave him a pleading look. "Please," she begged. Edmund Smith chuckled, and pressed his crude lips against hers. He pulled away again, and grinned. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it, now?"
Jane just burst out into sobs, and fled past him. She pushed the door open, and ran through the mansion, down the stairs as fast as she could, lifting the bottom of her dress slightly so she wouldn't trip.
Her brother stopped her at the door. "Jane, you shouldn't go running-"
"For God's sake, William, let me through!" Jane cried out, tears running down her face.
William took a deep breath. "I can't, Jane. Father ordered me to deny you any access to the outside world, until you're married. I'm sorry."
Jane screamed in frustration, and fled back to her room, it being wonderfully empty now. She made sure to lock the door.
Oh, Shaila.

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