For My Closest Friends

Idk if I'll be able to get on after New Year with finals and highschool registration, so these are a couple of things I want to tell a couple of people. You guys mean a lot to me. Thanks everyone :')

Chapter 1

The First Few

Thank you so much for everything. We don't even know each other personally but yet you treat me like as though we do. All I can say is that you are the best big brother that there ever was, is and ever will be. You've helped me through the problems I've faced at home and at school, against friends and against myself.  I wish you were my real brother, yet some wishes can't come true, can they? But sometimes practical things work too. Oh, and I still get that piggy back ride when I meet you in Maryland, Nii-san!!! Haha:)
Anyho, once again, thank you for all that you've done and for listening to me. I still find it hard that you don't get mad when I talk all suicidal and stuff... But thanks for everything:) Especially for being the best big brother o(^â–½^)o

You sure know how to worry me -.- haha:) but anyways, you are a fantabulous friend and maybe I'll see you in Canada someday? Idk but my mom wants to move there and I have family living there too. You were and are one of the bestest friends I've ever had and will have. Thank you so much for everything. And if anything goes wrong, you have my email address so email me anything you need to. I'm glad to have had you as a friend but sadly you said you were deleting so that's what's getting me all sad and crying. Stay safe and since you're getting over it, you will drop your plan right? I want you to be safe, woman!! Take care, love ya, and thank-you for everything Anna :)

I hope Nii-san (Not Kenji!!) isn't causing you any trouble! Same with little Sophi! Ok, our "story" went way off hand and keeps on going off the trail. Hopefully, when you get your license you'll come here ASAP!! Right?! Anyho, no getting outta the bed for you for a few days, hokay? And lesser tension too! Haha:) thank you for taking time for me and listening to what I have to say. Also, you came up with notorious plans to help me feel better, and tell jokes. But, if you aren't able to come down here, that's okay:) I'll come up there!!! And, whatever you do, do not let me near your brothers or a hot guy that's shirtless XD Haha:) Arigato for everything that you've said, done, and ,as you say, will do. You're one of the bestest friends I've ever had and can't wait to meet you in real life!! Love ya lots, Onee-chan!!!

I swear I'm seeing Asians everywhere!!! No joke! My cousin always glares at me when I point that out and I either say, "Look, ASIANS!" (he says, "You're an Asian too") or "ASIANS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!!" You're real supportive of me and help me. You understand me almost as much as my best friends, Cheryl and Angel, do, which says a lot (^.^) I hope everything is going fine with your family back home and that your brother's arm heals faster. Oh and have fun with you know who !!!wink wink :) Thank you for the open ears and the wise advice, especially when it came to the boys in my class and with myself. Unfortunately, because of something that had happened earlier (I think I told you?), I won't be able to make it to Maryland this year, but my dad said that maybe next winter I could come. But, I'd have to stay with my cousins in Denton, which I have no idea how far it is from Baltimore. Also, hurry up and tell me when you're coming here:) Oh, and when I go to Japan, Imma take you with me. It'll be fun! At least I think -.- Haha:) Love ya, Emma-Senpai!! 

Even though you're only a year younger than me, I talk to you like I'm 10 years older XD Don't worry about that, I was always the motherly one. I'm so happy that we talked it out and tried to make things at home and where ever we are a lot better. You're the little sister that I've always wanted but never had :') But still I worry about you. If anything or anyone ever bothers you or hurts you, tell me immediately. And luckily, next year I'm coming to California for spring break! Or so I've been told.  And if you seriously do look like me, I'm going to flip. Not in a bad way, in a good way:) I'd be cool to see a twin that isn't related to me! We've shared a lot with each other, things we couldn't tell people that we hold near and dear. I'm glad that you  decided to talk it out with and and trust me. I promise you that one day, I will take you out of that hellhole, no matter what. Life is only given once, so enjoy it. But, that's not the way anyone should "enjoy" life. Maybe you can come back with me when I come to home from Cali? Anyho, I'm always here for you and always will be. Take care, Twiny:) Love you always!!! (as a sister of course!!)


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