How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

I'm sorry to all the PotterHeads that like it how it is but I've made a few slight changes to the story so that mine works. Hope u like it all the same!

Chapter 1

How to discover the Wizarding World by Complete Accident

by: SashDash
"SASHA! COME BACK THIS INSTENT!" I could hear my mum screaming and shouting behind me. She's quite terrifying you know, I would've stopped and turned back right away. But then again, I wouldn't have run off anyway. I tried to stop but my legs just moved automatically. I cringed. Mum was going to KILL me when she caught me. My legs started to speed up, then suddenly, I stopped infront of a tall man. "Well well well," He said grinning wickedly, "What are you doing out here by yourself? Lost? Don't worry I'll help you with that!" Suddenly, he grabbed me and dragged me into a nearby Tabern. I went to scream for help but he reached out a filthy dagger and shut my mouth immededietly. I was dragged into a small room and I watched curiously as he held the hilt of his dagger to the brick wall. He looked like he was about to poke one of the bricks when he looked back down at me and said, "It's best you don't see this." All I remember is a great hand wacking me strait in the face then it was black, and then a small light apeared. It grew bigger and bigger until I was fully concious. I was bieng carried by the man that had captured me. I looked around and my eyes widened with astonishment we were in a bright colourful street. People were wearing the strangest clothes and kids were admiring broomsticks. It was the strangest place! It gave me the most delightful feeling! But the feeling soon left as we traveled down some stairs and entered a dark alley. The man carrying me dropped me roughly. I tried to get up but my arms and legs were tied. I roled onto my back and sat up with my knees bent infront if me. What was happenig? It was crazy! Then I relised it. Of course! I was dreaming! All I had to do was pinch myself and I'd be fine! I'd wake up on the plane and be arriving in London to meet my uncle! Everything was alright! But somehow, I didn't believe myself.

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