How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

I'm sorry to all the PotterHeads that like it how it is but I've made a few slight changes to the story so that mine works. Hope u like it all the same!

Chapter 2

How to get the Worst Master Ever...

by: SashDash
"OUCH!" I screamed as I was dropped to the ground. I scrambled to my feet but a strong filthy hand held me down. I heard footsteps approaching but I couldn't see who was coming because my head was being pushed towards the ground. "Well?" said a very important sounding voice, "I, I have this boy." came a stuttering voice which I discovered with a shock was my kidnappers. He pushed me forward leaving me kneeling on the ground. I looked up to see a tall pale figure. he wore all black and had long platinum blond hair he held a staff and he was looking at me as if I were a cockroach ( I hate cockroaches). "This?" he snapped, "This filthy mudblood is a GIRL." I frowned, "I'm, I'm not a mudblood." I decided not to make it clear that I didn't know what a mudblood is. The man ignored me for now and his face screwed up with anger at my kidnapper. "Kill her! I have no use for her." "B-But Mr Malfoy, she is s-strong. I've been keeping an eye on this one for quite some time." I frowned. He's been spying on me? I shivered and hoped he'd let me change in private. Malfoy snarled, "One week. One week is all I'm giving her. If she fails to meet my expectations then you will both be destroyed." Kidnapper nodded and Malfoy glared at me. "Get up mudblood." I nodded and hurried after him.

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