How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

I'm sorry to all the PotterHeads that like it how it is but I've made a few slight changes to the story so that mine works. Hope u like it all the same!

Chapter 3

How to pick up a heap of new knowledge by simply looking at the ground...

by: SashDash
"Draco!" A boy my age came swiftly from around the corner and stood infront of us "Yes father?" "Happy Birthday!" Draco frowned. "Sorry father?" "I've brought you something." He pushed me forward. "Remember I was looking for a servant to replace that house elf?" Draco's eyes widened slightly, "So this mudblood, belongs to me? She's my servant?" A small smile appeared on his lips and I quickly looked at the ground. This happened so quickly. I was simply walking down the streets of London with uncle Adrian and here I am being given to a boy for his thirteenth birthday by some longhaired Malfoy dude who thinks I'm something called a mudblood. What was I surposed to think? More importantly, what was I surposed to do? Draco nodded at his father, "Thankyou father." he gestured for me to follow him so I did. The whole mansion was black. As I followed him down the many halls I had time to examine my new master. He, like his father, had platinum blond hair, only his was shorter. It was a thin bob kind of haircut with a part in his fringe. His eyes were blue but his pupils were so large they looked brown from a distants. We entered what appeared to be a bedroom and went through to a loungeroom. Draco kicked back in an arm chair and I stood next to the sofa opposite him. "What's your name mudblood?" He asked. "I tried not to shout in my frustration, "I'm NOT a mudblood." I replied. Draco raised his eyebrows and sat up a little straighter in surprise. "You're not? Well then, what are you?" I frowned, "Um, a person?" Draco roled his eyes, "Of course you're a person. I'm not blind you know." Suddenly he relaxed and slouched back in his chair. "Of course." He muttered. "Do you know what a mud blood is?" I looked at the ground and didn't say anything. I could feel my cheeks growing warm. "There we go." Draco sighed, "For a moment there I thought you might actually be worth something. A mud blood is someone born with no magic. Like you. Father says us pure bloods should stay away from you mud bloods but the we lost our house elf to that Potter and we don't want any more house elves and besides, mud bloods are week minded. Father says that we can bend your minds easily. Not that we want much of you. Still, for a slave you won't be so bad. Granger's going to hate this!" He smiled wickedly. I took in everything he'd just said, or at least tried to. It was all to much. "What did you say your name was?" Draco asked, I felt like saying something smart but I didn't, "Sasha, Sasha Brooksby." "Well Sasha Brooksby, I will show you to your room." My eyes widened, he's giving me a room? I followed him to a room near his bedroom and opened a closet. He pulled out a few robes and gestured to the empty space. "This," He said, "is where you sleep." I nodded he shut the doors again. "But only where you sleep. You will not have much time to rest becsuse you will be at my every need. I nodded and although it felt a bit strange I managed a "Yes sir." He smirked and told me to clean the place up a bit. "There's something I need to talk to father about." He walked out of the room. As soon as he was gone I was tossed over by a wave of emotions. This is exciting! No it's not, this is the END OF THE WORLD! And that Draco... He's cute! HE'S EVIL! I didn't know what to think so I picked up the scrubbing brush and began cleaning.

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