How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

How I changed Draco Malfoy (Warning: Does NOT follow actual story)

I'm sorry to all the PotterHeads that like it how it is but I've made a few slight changes to the story so that mine works. Hope u like it all the same!

Chapter 5

How to be a Witch

by: SashDash
"I can't believe I'm doing this." My master whispered under his breath as he handed over some money for my uniform. I smiled."You're extra lucky I'm not a house elf." I said flicking through my new book on magical creatures, "If I was I'd be free now!" "Yes but you're not a house elf." Draco growled, dumping his books on top of mine. I know sir. I'm a mudblood. a useless stupid mudblood that is going to be kicked out of Hogwarts at the gate because I can not perform any form of magic. of course I didn't say this aloud but the thought had been bothering me for a while. what if they didn't let me in? Draco had been trying to teach me the basics in the wizarding world but what about the practicle side? I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Sir?" "Yes?" Malfoy answered and I sighed, "If I'm not magic then how am going to do anything?" "Just do all the bludge subjects. Choose Muggle Studies for a subject, you'll ace that. And Divination, just tell Trelawney you sense deep misfortune and you'll pass. but we do have to get you a wand and fooling the wandmaker won't be easy. however with the right amount of money..." His voice faded off as we went through the door and enter a silent room full of shelves. "Hello?" my masters clear voice ecoed off the walls. "There Sir." I pointed behind a shelf where I could see an old man high up on a ladder. at the sound of my voice his head turned sharply in my direction and his eyes widened, "What do we have here?" He said mysteriously. "Sasha Brooksby." I replied quietly. "I know." he said with a smile. I frowned, he was joking right? Olivander (that's the wand maker) was rushing around the shelves when finally he stopped at one and pulled out a small wooden box. he brought it over to me ceremoniously and opened the lid. inside was a stick which I geussed was a bit more powerful than just that. "Well? Try it!" Olivander urged. i felt Draco tense next to me. Nothing is going to happen. i thought. I took a deep breath and gave an unsure wave. then something did happen. a warm glow filled the room followed by a soft breeze. music played quietly, good music. and then it was gone. Olivander looked delighted! "First try and everything!" He sayed triumphantly, "13 inch, pear, pheonix core, slightly yielding. It's all yours!" i took the wand, Draco payed and we walk out. draco hadn't said a thing when suddenly he made a sharp turn down the dark alley I was carried down five days before and we stopped behind a big stone wall. "This does not make sense." Malfoy said pacing up and down infront of me. "What happened?" I asked, confused by my master's distress. "I don't know whether to be happy or angry..." he continued pacing up and down talking to himself and i only managed to catch snippets, "But maybe Australia doesn't have a school.... or they're lazy... a witch... a witch... she's actually a witch... you're a witch!"

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