Forgiven (My rendition of Beauty and the Beast)

Im super excited to write this!
This is my version of beauty and the beast, some things will be a bit gory, and some will be all mushy.
I hope you enjoy!
Comment, rate and fave! :D

Chapter 1


My screams went unheard as my attacker slashed his knife through me.
I went numb as the blood poured freely from my body, puddling beneath me.
One final attempt, a gurgled cry as my blood filled my mouth.
"Please... Save me." I didn't hear my own words, and I assumed no one else did.
I looked into my killers face, and locked onto his eyes, so bright and blue it was terrifying. I would never forget them.
Letting the darkness of death take me, I could have sworn I saw a dark figure approaching us. Standing so tall and strong, I felt protected.
I was gone, a small, thankful smile on my blood stained lips.

Death was dark, cold and unforgiving.
But in its own way, it was beautiful, and so peaceful.
I lay, floating in darkness, in nothingness, waiting for a change.
Shouldn't I be in some form of an afterlife? Heaven?
Was this the inbetween? What people call purgatory?
Whatever it was, time didn't exist here.
Minutes, Hours, Days, a whole eternity could have passed by, and I would feel no different.
Maybe death wasn't so bad, I had always hated change, perhaps staying like this forever would be a perfect ending to a poor life.
I listened to the silence for a few short moments, until I realized it was not the silence that greeted me here when I died, I could hear something... Something familiar to my mortal ears.
Bird song?
I clenched my eyes tighter, willing the sound to become clearer, so I could be sure.
A sweet song. It was bird song.
My heart beat sped up and my breathing became rapid.
Wait... Breathing? Heart beat?
Were they not the two things you lost when you left the mortal world?
What was going on.
I was too afraid to open my eyes, I could see through my eyelids that the darkness was fading into a bright light, giving my eyelids a red glimmer.
I could feel things, softness against my skin. A strange, peppermint and fabric smell wafting around me, and I could hear more than just birds, I heard voices, which belonged to people!
Was I alive?!
Could I have survived my attack?
No, its not possible, he stabbed me in the heart. I should be dead.
Perhaps I was passing on to the other world, and I would simply open my eyes to white clouds and pearly gates.
I calmed my breath and counted to three.
One.... Two... Three.
I let my eyes open, almost having to force them against the great weight that seemed to sit on them.
"She wakes! Quickly Forelis, go tell the Master!" A soft, woman voice spoke.
I trained my eyes, and took in my surroundings.
A room of sorts, completely white, with pale blue trimmings and decor. It looked old fashioned, and very posh.
"Do you think she is completely with it?" A small, child like voice whispered.
I looked for the owner of the question, but I could see nothing but the rooms furniture.
I pushed up on my elbows, wincing at the pain in my chest, and looked down. I was laying on a large, king size bed, soft, white, cream and blue.
Another stab to my chest made me collapse back into the warmth of the covers.
"Careful now miss, it took a great deal to stitch you up, we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself." The same woman's voice snapped, but in a nicer tone.
I couldn't find the strength to sit again, so, feeling foolish, I spoke to the room.
"Where are you?" I asked, surprised by how hoarse my voice sounded.
"Why, Im right next to you miss." I turned my head to the right, and looked at the bedside table where a book stood.
I could have sworn it had eyes, poking out from its leather bound.
"We're ever so glad you're awake." As the voice came, the books pages opened and shut.
The book was speaking to me.
My body gave one weak tremor, and once again I plummeted into darkness.

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